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  1. Jim, a place on ebay based in Sheffield either delivered or will allow collection. Name as below, hope that helps. jd_engineering_supplies
  2. The van in question actually says Security Dogs on it. So like most of your patronising, condescending posts it's all a load of bull****.
  3. Does anyone know of any clubs to the south of the city who are looking for new members ? Thanks.
  4. Oldham parked 2 buses today. Not a good match but you can only play as well as the opposites allow you. Billy Sharp is always a danger if he gets some service. I heard a few United fans today mentioning Huddersfield are in with a bid for him. Have any of you regulars heard anything about this?
  5. Newcastle are by far the best team in the division and it will be tough. Still beats playing Oldham in the pub league though. It must be cold down in our shadow.
  6. A magnificent unbeaten run to continue me thinks. How many points will you be clear at the top then ?
  7. No, getting to the Championship is easy isn't it. Oh.......hang on.
  8. Must be worthy of a trophy even in the pub league eh ?
  9. What getting excited over nothing ? I must admit they do seem to do it well.
  10. It needs a trophy making to mark the occasion.
  11. Thanks everyone for the advice. Problem now sorted by ESPATHOME. New psu fitted and tested all within a day. Excellent service. One happy son !
  12. Thanks for that. The labour charge they quoted was way more than that, they also charge a £20 call out fee and they said 1-2 hours. I'll be going elsewhere I think !! I really appreciate the advice from everyone, it's so easy to get ripped off when it's not your field of expertise.
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