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  1. Thankyou Paul,I will ring her today,that's sounds great
  2. Thankyou for that,there are some ideas I hadn't thought of
  3. My daughter is getting married in a barn.She would like white chair covers but with the sashes made from hessian instead of the usual organza or lace.
  4. I am trying to find a company that hire out wedding chair covers with a hessian sash.Can anyone help?
  5. have you tried the cambridge diet - just lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks, stated 16stone 5lbs 3 weeks ago today 15st 2 lbs
  6. on saturday night 30th june at about 10 oclock 2 bright lights spaced about 50 foot apart, 1 above the other, travelled across the sky in the direction of sheffield towards worksop at speeds far greater than aircraft could be shooting stars, both lights were parallel in their line of travel and faded to nothing just like a shooting star 4 of us witnessed this although it only lasted for about 10 seconds anyone any ideas what we could have seen
  7. heard from reliable source that at least one person is remanded in custody for the theft of the television. due to appear in court early september 2007
  8. try mgp ( mirror glass processors ) holme lane. malin bridge tram stop next to towsure . 0114 2852049
  9. Hello, I've heard that Mosborough Post Office is closing. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks, FantastikDav
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