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  1. I heard a while ago when Sky got the rights to Lost that they were going to show the 3rd series on Sky3 around about now.... anyone know if and when this is happening??
  2. Hi, I have imported loads of songs into my itunes from CD's i borrowed, however i want to use some of these songs to burn onto a cd to play on a normal cd player. Is there a way to convert the songs into the appropriate format to play on a normal CD player??? Thanks in advance
  3. thanks for that. just trying to do this with Oasis album, Dont believe the truth. the google results are these: http://images.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&q=oasis+dont+believe+the+truth&btnG=Search+Images which size artwork is best to pick to copy into itunes?
  4. do u have to register with the ipod store to get album artwork?, i.e giving credit/debit card details when registering????
  5. not a single player but the whole of pigs (sufc) team!!!!
  6. Hi Amazon sell these for £9.99, I will offer you £7 that will include postage and packing.
  7. cheers for that but i am looking for the neckband type where the strap goes round the back of my head.
  8. is this a shop?, if so do u have more details? thanks
  9. Can anyone help! Just bought a Ipod nano and wanting to get some good quality headphones. I like the neckband type headphones that are not in your ear, a bit like these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-500501-PMX-100-headphones/dp/B000BFXM0Y/sr=1-7/qid=1168288871/ref=sr_1_7/203-0748036-0728711?ie=UTF8&s=electronics Not wanting to spend more than £30 so any suggestion guysand girls... Thanks in advance
  10. Thinking of getting my first MP3 player and I see Apple have introduced the new nano which features scratch resistant surface, better screen e.t.c. Has anyone got one of these new nanos, they look good and are small. http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/ukstore.woa/6724042/wa/PSLID?mco=70933483&nclm=iPodnano&wosid=ak4xulyIFtW62IWuUmF1YKRRrD4 Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. when i am in a relationship with a girl (i am now) i get more attention off the ladies!. like when i walk down the street in town with my gf, i notice that more girls look at me in the eyes and smile, whats all that about???, i know, women want what they cant have!! so women are just as bad as men in how they think....... To get back on topic, To sum up a perfect relationship is this........ Best mates who have great sex!
  12. u like walking try this popular fantastic youngish!!! walking group where many people have made friends and seen the peaks and futher beyond! http://www.sheffieldwalkinggroup.org.uk
  13. Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants 7 inch vinyl!!! - CLASS!!!
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