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  1. Cheers for that roughy. A week would be good but most of the party have young kids so only willing to commmit to a weekend - very different from our early Ibiza days! Will look at Palladium Palace, don't care if nothing around it if it's a nice place. Old age eh??
  2. Going next July for a 40th birthday. Flights booked and now all we need is weekend accomodation for 8 of us (all girls, no children). I spent all my holidays in my 20s there doing the clubs (Space, Pacha and Ku/Manumission were my faves), and now want somewhere to stay that has decent accommodation, and near enough to the best clubs should we work up the courage to enter one in memory of the mad nights out we used to have (bearing in mind we are now feeling quite old). But also somewhere we can have still have a fab night out without having to go to a club. I am thinking Playa Den Bossa or Ibiza town. Never stayed in Playa den Bossa before, other than passing through when quite hammered on the way back from Space:hihi:. I know friends who have stayed in Ibiza town but there's no beach which is what the majority of the party will want. The ones that have never been fancy San Antonio (arrrrrrgggghhhh!). I thought San Antonio was on a par below Blackpool when I was 24 so god knows what I'd think of it now. So any upmarket recommendations for San Antonio (if they exist?!) I'll quite happily go with the flow and stay in San An if there are any decent hotels there. Other than that, any recommendations for Playa Den Bossa? Or anywhere else? Found a few good ones on Trip Advisor but they seem extortionately priced for 3 nights. Would be good if I could remember where I used to stay in my Ibiza heyday....strangely enough I can't:loopy:.
  3. The care is second to none JB, I agree. Heard a story on the ward today about Nurses having to pay for parking. Surely this is wrong? They are doing a great job with my dad and suspect they earn peanuts. But they do it nonetheless. A big thankyou to everyone at NGH.
  4. Thanks whitewitch. And thanks for your good wishes for my dad! I can easily walk to his ward, but it's just annoying thinking you will arrive when visiting time starts, only to waste most of it looking for parking. I don't mind paying for a space and thought I might have missed a secret car park somewhere. Thinking it might be easier to get the bus...
  5. My dad is in the NGH after a heart op and likely to be there for another week. I went to visit him this afternoon and drove round the hospital complex for at least 20 minutes and couldn't find anywhere to park. Ended up getting completely disorientated and coming out of the 'stores' exit. Headed back for the Herries Road entrance and ended up parking on Herries Road. Which was free, but a good 20 minute walk to his ward. Are there any tips on which of the hospital car parks are likely to have day time spaces? It was hard to find them today as there were loads of delivery vans/ambulances behind my car which just made me want to get out of the way and carry on driving. That hospital is a maze. But they are taking fantastic care of my dad which is good. And he is doing well.
  6. I did! Got a new job, new city and looked forward to a new life. Came back to good old Sheffield two years later after missing family and friends too much though.
  7. Hope he enjoyed the peas!! And the Archers:hihi:
  8. On the Avenue is looking a good possibility – thanks for that Shiesh (and for the Quidco tip). Though the prices are more than double the £75 a night you paid:( (you got a good deal there) pdrnsf – Hotel Giraffe looks cool, but found their website a nightmare so I’m waiting for them to get back to me with prices Been on TripAdvisor – thank god. I was very tempted by the Philip Starcke designed Hudson Hotel, but the reviews have put me off. Blades 1974 – not thought about an apartment, but will look into it. Thanks for the email link. After spending a while looking it seems it will be cheaper to book a flight and hotel deal from the likes of Expedia – unless anyone on here can prove otherwise!!!! New York here I come:thumbsup:
  9. A former work colleague of mine is putting together a book about Sheffield in the 70s. He's after...... "Anything that celebrates the hopes and aspirations of the era. People, places, buildings that have long gone, fashion, work, leisure, nights out." All photos used will be credited – a complimentary copy of the book will also be given to everyone that has a photo included. Anyone with photos should email photos@thereelmonty.com with details.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. The Pod looks great but no availability in October, we'll keep on looking and I'll let you know how we get on!
  11. Oooh also looks fab and £75 a night is a bargain!!
  12. Looks absolutely fab on the website but just checked and it is £180 a night in October. Is this the price you paid? (if you don't mind me asking). It seems quite reasonable for a fab hotel, but works out a lot when going for a week!
  13. I want to go asap though!!!!! Flights in Oct are reasonable it's just the hotel charges. I like nice hotels, but suppose we wouldn't spend much time in it anyway? Enjoy your trip in February though. Have you booked a hotel yet?
  14. My OH is taking me to New York for a week!!!!!!! I've never been before, although he has. We want to go in October, but the hotel prices seem ridiculous...and there are so many to choose from. Can anyone recommend any? Not bothered about top of the range luxury (it would be nice but £1,500 a night seems just a little excessive!) but would like a nice hotel centrally located. Hope someone can help!
  15. Sorry Cyclone, just re-read your post and saw the question mark
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