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  1. Hehe - two minute mention and 30 second clip on the Beeb just now
  2. I think it's quite low-key. Go to Indy Media - sheffield to find out
  3. Protest info on Indy Media - Sheffield. Not sure how up to date it is tho'
  4. Ummm, don't know if this helps but trams are still running normal time. Last one from city centre to meadowhall is about 12.30am - not sure how you'd get back tho! From Supertram site... Bank Holiday Services and Disruptions Supertram services will operate to a Sunday timetable on Bank Holiday Monday 25 August 2008. Services to and from Meadowhall are not expected to be disrupted by the demolition of the Tinsley cooling towers in the early hours of Sunday morning.
  5. Hi Fox, hope you've managed to get some rest these past few days! Thanks for being so welcoming and organised for all us randoms who turned up at Winn Gardens to get mucky Do you need people to help this weekend as have a couple of hours here and there? Also, has anyone heard what is going on Rotherham way in terms of cleaning up? From what I could gather at work they were generally waiting for the water levels to go down and to see what happens this weekend. Has anyone heard differently?
  6. Hi, I've only found this thread today but I'm on Brocco Bank near Hunters Bar. I have: Double duvet/pillows Some ladies clothes (small, tho) Some tinned food Throws Curtains Sleeping bag Towels/flannels Cleaning stuff Will these do for tonight and can anyone pick them up? If not I can do some more collecting in my area and have more for tomorrow if anyone is coming by this way. Also, I have tomorrow and friday off work so can go anywhere anyone needs an extra body. Just let me know.
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