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  1. crete in general is fabulous (my favorite place on earth) - take a trip to spinalonga - amazing malia is more of a younger persons holiday spot - all places have areas where the 18-30 crew hang out - malia is THE 18-30 spot in crete BUT not all places tolerate it. If you want more peace go to stalis (next town back towards the airport) quieter and more family orientated. Try the gyros - delightful. Wish i was going to crete - but booked corfu instead this year - have a fabulous time and let me know how you got along
  2. Hi Can anyone help Im staying near Endcliffe Avenue this weekend and at some point i may need a sports hall to train a group of wheelchair athletes. Is there anywhere close (pushing distance) that anyone knows about that we could possibly use? thanks in advance
  3. my son has made it to the next selection round to carry the olympic flame next year
  4. making the assumption that its a hard boiled egg tap the egg on a hard surface until the shell is all cracked and then peel away. Its easier if the egg is cool, so i run mine under cold water first. If its a soft boiled egg - or eating it from the shell - i find the only option is to have burnt fingers
  5. i'll let you have the last word, you seem to want that x
  6. with respect - it has bugger all else to with anyone else what i paid for the repair. the needs of the OP are different to what mine was. as mart said - i did provide a number for the op to get the information for themselves. they didnt however ask what anyone paid just if anyone knew of somewhere that can weld alluminium.
  7. i have taken my sons alluminium wheelchair to be welded today at a place near the ski village. very reasonablely priced and he came recommended from another wheelchair user. 01142751447
  8. glass of milk whats your favorite tipple?
  9. i have spent the morning driving around, dropping the kids off at various places - and i have to go back out in an hour and pick them all up
  10. i cant remember and i have lost the ticket
  11. i wasnt parked over 2 bays - i was parked in a normal space (didnt need the extra space that day for the wheelchair as there was plenty of parking avaliable so thought rather than take a disabled bay when someone might need the extra wheelchair room) i was just parked in the car park - not causing obstruction, blocking anything, double parked or any other reason i could see that caused the ticket.
  12. is thinking its lunch time - but needs inspirtation
  13. not as many as you and i am very envious of you meeting mr pratchett philip schofield murray walker alex zinadi (think thats how you spell it) a couple of authors but i cant remember thier names now what are you having for lunch?
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