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  1. Agreed, the things I take from this are:- Labour chose a sympathy vote candidate, ignoring their normal selection rules and still only squeaked in. GG is a waste of Oxygen. Lid Dems we’re irrelevant Tories suffered due to Matt Hancock. Democracy lost, mainly due to the dirty campaigns and the massive reduction in turnout, The electorate are being turned off by negative politics.
  2. So Labour hold Batley and Spen by. Very narrow margin. Tories second, and GG third. Does this mean Sir Keir is safe ( for now). How do Labour supporters view the result? Are they relieved to hold the seat, worried by the narrow margin or annoyed that a leadership challenge may now be delayed?
  3. We used Sam at https://www.precisiontreecare.co.uk/ a couple of years ago. Did a great job and cleared up all mess.
  4. Wouldn’t Andy Burnham have to be elected an MP first...
  5. https://www.libdemvoice.org/labour-party-gerrymandering-recalling-the-only-occasion-in-a-century-when-a-party-has-interfered-with-electoral-boundaries-20559.html talking of gerrymandering...
  6. Spot on, I have, in the past voted for Labour, most of my extended family are die hard socialists, and even some of them have stopped voting for Labour. When an ex miner, who incidentally was arrested at Orgreave, and would quite happily dance on Thatcher’s grave, refuses to vote Labour in a former mining village you know the writing’s on the ( ever crumbling red) wall. The time for socialist firebrands is over, the time for moderate, measured, sensible socialism is here. Well, either that or revolution, power to the people Wolfie...
  7. I think David Blunkett has it pretty much spot on here. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9559939/Voters-want-hear-plan-future-not-nostalgia-past-writes-DAVID-BLUNKETT.html I’ve always had a great deal of respect for David, ever since he presented me with my A level prizes at my local comp. I need the Labour Party to present me with a manifesto of hope, areal plan for the future, rather than the mud slinging and politically correct pandering to minorities they currently espouse.
  8. Actually I think it’s great, that a woman who left school with no qualifications could rise to such heights. It could only happen in the Labour Party.
  9. Please point out the inaccuracies in my post.
  10. So, Sir Keir, is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. He hasn’t sacked Ms Rayner, a woman who left school with more babies than GCSEs, merely demoted her. I know that Labour have very few MPs to choose from, but is the talent pool really that shallow?
  11. Or, perhaps they have woken up to the incompetence of the previous council / councillors, especially all the cover ups re grooming.
  12. Tories gain 20, yes 20 seats on Rotherham council.
  13. Wallpaper last week, might be curtains next week
  14. Rayner sacked as chair. So it begins
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