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  1. So, who are you voting for on 23/5/19?
  2. Agreed, 3 of them, in big shoes and a rednose. Just don't smell his flower if he asks you to...
  3. Tory party support in my ward has dropped by 46% in the local election (Mind you Labour also dropped 26%, LibDems lost 14%, Greens gained 47% and UKIP gained a massive 121%)
  4. Lib Dems held their seat in my ward, with an increased majority, but a drop of 14% of votes. Labour vote collapsed by 26%, Tory vote decimated by 46%, UKIP up a staggering 121%. Total turnout down 4.7% Congrats to the Lib Dems who were the only party who actively went out and engaged with the public.
  5. So he's only eligible for the House of Lords then...
  6. Oh no, not 'Smithers' for PM https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6843159/Theresa-told-ministers-plot-install-Michael-Gove-No-10-save-Brexit.html
  7. Can't remember the last time I used a travel agent. Sad for those losing their jobs.
  8. Excellent, here's how the Labour fanbois on here reacted.
  9. Well, either he's lying (wouldn't be the first time), they're lying or all 3 of them are lying. my money would be on option 3
  10. Thank you, a household earning less than £27300 would be considered to be in relative poverty, would you agree Anna? So a monthly income (assuming only 1 person working, or it will be higher) of around £1800 per month.
  11. Could you provide a link to where disabled incomes have been halved please? I have managed to find where some benefit elements have been halved "The maximum level of support provided through the disability additions within Universal Credit, when compared to the disability element of child tax credit – reduced from £54 per week at current rates, down to £27 per week." Source https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/sites/default/files/tcs/microsoft_word_-_disabled_children_briefing.pdf As for waiting lists at Hospitals, what are they like in Wales, under a Labour administration? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-43716643 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-38670356 As for social services, don't make me laugh. I've got friends who work for social services, under several different authorities. The amount of waste, the time taken off sick is criminal. Most of them get 6 months off sick a year, and (council mentality) they make sure they take their 'entitlement'. I agree with you regarding the Police, and the blame rests mostly with Mrs May. However if the police spent more time patrolling, rather than investigating SOME of the so called hate crimes, things would be better. Things would be much better if some parents took more of an interest in what their offspring were upto. I never said that I objected to charity going to my own country. Charity starts at home, so they say. PS Care to answer how relative poverty is measured?
  12. Please tell me how relative poverty is measured? I look around, and I see kids with the latest phones / trainers / fashion, and parents crying poverty whilst visiting foodbanks (have to tab off the L&B before going in though). I see left wing media luvvies using a charity telethon, to promote their own political agenda, and as a result, getting lower viewing figures, and almost £8Million less in donations on the night, than 2 years ago. As a nation we have never been as well off. Has austerity hit people, undoubtably. It's hit me. Over the past 6 years I've had one pay rise of 1%, yet all my bills have gone up. Am i blaming this government ?(small g they don't deserve a big one), partially I am. However I'm blaming Labour (or Tory light as the lefties now refer to them, although I don't remember many Labour voters using the term at the time) for the majority of it. They overspent in the good years, creating a massive deficit, which only now is coming under control. The resident red flag waving crowd may crow that the debt has risen to an all time high, but that tends to happen when you spend more than your income.
  13. I've always used Joe at http://www.angleseywatches.co.uk/
  14. Loved the party political broadcast on theBBC, on behalf of the Labour part last Friday, more commonly known as Comic Relief. Talk about media bias.
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