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  1. No I wouldn't say that is fairest. We don't know what the 19% want, so they should be excluded from both of the other options. Nice try though.
  2. The fgure quoted by the Telegraph, of 54% was actually from the comres poll. However let's take the figure of 44% and apply it to a different situation:- We're planning a works meal out, with the choice of Indian or Chinese. 44% say Indian, 39% say Chinese, 19% aren't bothered either way. Which quisine suits the most people?
  3. I'd consider the vote to be 44% in favour, 37% against, and 19% abtaining. However I know that remainers like to insist that those not voting against them MUST be for them (as you yourself have done may time sin this thread). Much fairer to exclude those with no opinion, and look at those who actually expressed one.
  4. Please re read my OP, I perfecly understand representative democracy. Funny thoogh, I thought the base rate was already @ 0.5% and had been since March 2009. There was a base rate cut made in August 2016 of 0.25% though, which lasted until Nov 2017 when the base rate was increased back up to 0.5%, then in Aug 2018 it was raised a further 0.25%. Please try and get your numbers correct, I know it's difficult for 48% of the country... Source https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/boeapps/database/Bank-Rate.asp
  5. I never said he was, however at the next GE he may regret it, he may not (red tie on a donkey syndrome)
  6. I believe that proroguing Parliament to be wrong. I also believe that our elected MPs are also wrong for delaying, or even thwarting Brexit. I think the only poll that matters is the taken by the country in 2016. Having written to my MP ( my constituency voted 66% in favour of leave - estimate) asking why he has consistently voted against Brexit, only to be told 'it's complicated' and that he knows better than his uneducated constituents, I have explained that although I don't agree with him, I respect his right, as our representative, to vote according to his conscience, and that he must also respect mine come the next GE.k As for the BofE QE, I understand that prior to the referendum, they had already undertaken £375 billion of assets on, and that in August 2016 they added another £70 billion, hardly a large scale increase to an already massive, long established program. Tell me, what was the scale of QE implemented by the ECB during that period?
  7. I'm familiar with the fact that most media sources have a bias, one way or another. I'm also familiar with the treasaury impct analysis from 2016, that stated we would lose between 3.6 and 6.0% of GDP in the 2 years following a Leave vote. GDP actually rose in those 2 years. I tend to take all forecasts and polls with a pinch of salt. Just like the referendum ignored that ones that couldn't be bothered to vote in 2016.
  8. Well it looks like (according to a recent poll), that 54% of people (who expressed an opinion other than 'don't know') support the suspension of Parliament, to get Brexit over and done with. https://www.comresglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/The-Telegraph_August-2019-Tables.pdf Page 87 for those interested.
  9. When you first insured your car, you needed a fully qualified driver sat alongside you. Since passing your test, you don't. Hence a potential lack of experience in the car, and thus you get an increased premium. Even putting it in another name will not reduce the premium much, if you are a named driver. Adding other named drivers (with years of experience) to the policy may reduce the premiums.
  10. Thanks for the link. I'd suggest that people take a look at it, and complete the online survey.
  11. So, who are you voting for on 23/5/19?
  12. Agreed, 3 of them, in big shoes and a rednose. Just don't smell his flower if he asks you to...
  13. Tory party support in my ward has dropped by 46% in the local election (Mind you Labour also dropped 26%, LibDems lost 14%, Greens gained 47% and UKIP gained a massive 121%)
  14. Lib Dems held their seat in my ward, with an increased majority, but a drop of 14% of votes. Labour vote collapsed by 26%, Tory vote decimated by 46%, UKIP up a staggering 121%. Total turnout down 4.7% Congrats to the Lib Dems who were the only party who actively went out and engaged with the public.
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