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  1. anyone know how to make it?not the one that goes on top of cauliflower but the one they make in pizza and kebeb shops?.....thanks:roll:
  2. i went to notre dame from 1992-1996....the head now,i belive is mr lawrence...the one i had was mr conway.
  3. i agree with the majority on this that the tram/bus gates in hillsborough is one of the worst masterplans the council have come up with!! i live just off walkley lane and turning left from langsett road onto ripley street is a complete nightmare now! its gridlocked all the way down onto the bridge past the freemasons to turn left onto holme lane. what was once a 5 minute drive has now turned into 30 minutes just for the sakes of diverting us 200 meters. well done sheffield council for thinking it through NOT!!!
  4. sorry posted this in wrong place how do i move/delete this post?!!
  5. ok.im new to this forum but thought we needed some fun!! Bakers Dozen - This is how this works: One person starts the topic then we all continue till the 13 are answered. You will need to copy and paste until the last reply. The person that lists the last of the 13 things, picks the next category.... ok ill start... child actors/actresses 1.dakota fanning 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 9. 10. 11. 12.
  6. hi.does anyone know of a nice indian takeaway?we like taste of india in hillsborough but they are collection only....jaflong in crookes is nice too and they do delivery,but it takes an hour and a half to deliver!!!and im starving by then!! thanks:help:
  7. i left home at 21...my oh was 26...quite good for a man!!
  8. the best kebab in hillsborough has to be from pizza&co.no grease!!you get loads of meat too!!
  9. iv used it to report some lads drinking and smoking weed near the field where we live and where kids play.....had the dogs on a walk and hung around for an hour or so.but no police!!!emmmmm.....not important enough?
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