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  1. My daughter saw this cat too.i was just about to start a thread.rip poor puss x
  2. http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/campaigns/dog-left-for-dead-is-ready-for-your-love-in-sheffield-1-6621699 A dog found so badly beaten that it's lost sight in one eye. Found tied to a tree and left for dead....story in the link above from sheffield star newspaper. How can people be so cruel?!breaks my heart it really does.
  3. Thought this thread was for me as I read fat spotty dog lol! Ahhh hope this guy finds his way home soon!
  4. Just knocked again no answer....Iv wrote him a note with your number on saying ferret found,please ring if it's yours.
  5. I just knocked there was no answer.will try again later.
  6. I think my neighbour lost a ferret a few months ago...I'll try & contact them & see if it's theirs.they are also s6
  7. Is this the chihuahua on Facebook that's been reunited?
  8. Oh what!!!...not another charity shop!! Was hoping for something more exciting! Like hillsborough needs another one! Grrrrr!
  9. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1299418 Is it this one?
  10. So looks like rain all week!...when will the sun be staying out?thought we were in for a heatwave?! ---------- Post added 06-05-2014 at 15:49 ---------- http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/467048/Long-range-UK-weather-forecast-predicts-hot-sunshine-will-last-FOUR-months
  11. Thanks....ours came on after the battery went flat & had to be changed.will give them a ring.
  12. How did this go?only I have the same car & the exact same is happening with mine with the waning light...it also beeps when I put the key card in with the handbrake warning yet there's nothing wrong?
  13. Yes the entire corner next to mad Harry's is going to be a costa coffee. ---------- Post added 28-04-2014 at 20:59 ---------- Does anyone know who's put in an application for the old blockbuster?i notice it had a for let sign but not says under offer or words to that effect?
  14. I'd give him half the tablet...that's what I have my chihuahua when she had an ear infection... My Dalmatian has a whole tablet when he's itchy.
  15. http://www.crawshawfarm.co.uk/index_files/AUSContact.htm They do mobile dog scanning...think it's around £25
  16. Green exteriors in Rotherham are fab...he has a shop inside the market & offers a 10year guarantee with it. We laid some last week & it looks fantastic! ---------- Post added 19-04-2014 at 10:41 ---------- He charges £20 per square metre & they are in widths of 2 & 4 metres
  17. We got a letter today....I only put one school down & she got in :-)
  18. Bless you that's so kind!x ---------- Post added 15-04-2014 at 20:23 ---------- OMG!!! Really! That's really very generous of you! :-0 x
  19. Hi my niece has 2 for sale...both girls £15 each as she's getting her girl spade...one black & one black & white.ready in 2 weeks x
  20. http://www.vet.utk.edu/clinical/sacs/shunt/faq.php Found that online but you will of most likely already read things on the internet.i wonder if the original owners already knew the pup had this?(first owner not fosters) Peaches...was he displaying any of the above behaviour at yours?
  21. No one?....any views would be great
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