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  1. That place next to the petrol station on penistone rd.where Burger King is.think it maybe called q tyres?
  2. Haha I know who you mean!usually parked in morrisons car park!
  3. Reason for Rehome / Sale : puppies Time Scale – How Urgent? : not ready till 17/8/2014 Sale Amount: £650 Has the Dog been in Rescue: no Location :sheffield 6 Age & Sex : 3 male 2 female Breed/ Mix : chihuahua KC Registered: no but pedigree certificate Approximate size : small Exercise Needed: not a lot Neutered & Micro chipped: no Vaccinated & Wormed: first & second vaccinations provided Live in / out: in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: other dogs big & small Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues : no Temperament: excellent Good or Bad with Children : excellent Dislike of Men or Women : love both OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals : yes Travel OK in Car :yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time: yes Destructive Behaviour: no Barks:not yet! Pull on the lead: doubt it! Crate trained: yes Housetrained : hopefully!! General Information you can share about the Dog. 2x white boys 1x wolf sable boy 1x white girl 1x wolf sable girl [reserved ] All smooth coat.Ready to leave at 8 weeks and are available to reserve now. All puppies come with * pedigree certificate * vet check * first & second injections * puppy pack * blanket & toy to settle them in * 4 weeks free insurance * well socialised with children & other dogs * reared in a home environment Both parents can be seen.mum is a white chihuahua and dad is a lilac tricolour.iv included a picture of the parents. £100 non refundable deposit required upon choosing your pup.please pm for further info or to arrange a viewing...can also send pictures via what's app,email or I message.
  4. Did you get the flea drops from the vets and done all the others just incase?
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2686815/12-fold-surge-parking-ticket-appeals-just-two-years-More-600-drivers-week-contesting-fines-10-000-penalties-quashed.html Have you seen this in the daily mail about private parking tickets?!
  6. Hahaha!!! I will be watching where I park in future lol!!
  7. Thanks Kirkby lad....got the letter to say that the parking fine has been waivered!! Yey!!!!
  8. Ahhhh that's so sad!.....run free over rainbow bridge Harvey.lots of people will be sharing the sadness of your passing
  9. Good call!.....just shows with a little imagination! ;-)
  10. Glad she's home!.....no I live in the area & am often out walking mine so was going to take a spare lead with me incase I found her.
  11. Male cavalier King Charles spaniel missing...he's a Blenheim with a lozenge spot on his head (ginger & white) neutered...& microchipped....wearing a brown collar....did a runner from hillsborough park,last seen near the precinct in hillsborough.....(think he was heading home but hasn't been seen since that spot so think someone must of picked him up)please call 07910169671 if seen. Family frantic....thankyou xx ---------- Post added 02-07-2014 at 09:00 ---------- *found*!! Someone took him to their house & informed the police.thanks!
  12. Ahhh what a shame....but glad the other has been re united.will keep my eyes open whilst I'm out & about today.
  13. There's one been found off the m1..... Here's the link and if you follow the comments there is a link to the picture of the jack russel found https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=871149459580597&substory_index=0&id=609632969065582 Hope that works & it's your dog x
  14. There's another black lab female on gumtree 6 years old.
  15. My that's a lot of dogs....let's hope someone comes along before they go to someone with £ signs in their eyes.
  16. We'll the kids have been told the blazers/ties will be enforced from September.good news is the school will be paying for the blazers & ties.rest is down to the parents to pay.fair doo's.leather shoes from now on though & skirts must be pencil skirts & knee length.
  17. There's a 5 year old black lab on gumtree at the moment & he looks lovely.poor thing ---------- Post added 18-06-2014 at 09:22 ---------- There's also a golden lab female on their too.
  18. Borneholm Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation That's the place that's trying to help but by the looks of things a few people are offering homes but no one is getting back to them?
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