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  1. Yes the tribute is for Sam.along with pictures,cards some of his favourite things & a teddy from his son.
  2. Thankyou...my auntie didn't know the details as they didn't want to upset her but we've had to tell her incase she see's it elsewhere.
  3. I'm so sad to read this.....it was my cousins son & knew he had commited suicide but I'd not yet found out how. But now I do.
  4. Can I just say,I use this crossing every day & at least twice a week the green man is on and cars still go through red towards middle wood!.... My husband was crossing with the green Man yesterday & nearly got wiped out too. So regardless of the green,make sure you are fully aware whilst using this crossing that cars do still go past!it needs sorting!
  5. Iv heard news that the owner has been in contact?is that true?
  6. Where can you walk your dogs in cleethorpes?everywhere Iv looked it says no dogs with a fine of up to £1000
  7. Someone has just reported on fb that there is 2 husky type dogs running loose round shirehall crescent shiregreen...surely it's these 2 again?!
  8. Reding through your previous posts it says this time last year you was trying to sell a staffy x American bull dog?is this the same dog as in this post?is that why they are keeping it as its a cross with an American bull dog?
  9. I have 3!! A white female who's 3 years old,a lilac tri colour male who's 1year old & iv just bought a blue tri colour girl puppy who is 12 weeks old. They are an amazing breed.my two older ones are brill at going outside.the puppy will do everything outside as long as I'm consistent with it.as soon as she wakes up,finishes playing & after food I'll take her outside.im not bothering with puppy pads & hoping she will soon get the hang of things. My 3 are great with kids & are like owning cats.the only thing is one is never enough!wgich is why I have 3!as well as a 7 year old Dalmatian.any info you need just ask.just make sure you pick a good breeder.some are bred & bred just for money & they tend to have 3+ females & 2+ males.make sure the pups are kept inside & you get to see mum.visit a few litters too to make sure your choosing the right pup.try & make sure they are full chi too as there's some out there that are chihuahua x jack russel.they look very much like chihuahuas (google chi x jack russel and you'll see what I mean) The puppy I picked up was infested with fleas,had worms & conjunctivitis. She's ok now but make sure simple things like that have been taken care off & that they have had a vet check!
  10. I can't see the ad either. But he's on gumtree now.
  11. I found this about the day https://sites.google.com/site/galaecclesfield/home/ontheday ---------- Post added 31-08-2014 at 09:43 ---------- And this about the free microchip..... http://www.abbeymoorvets.com/offers/free-microchipping-for-dogs.shtml
  12. What time is this from and what time does it finish?
  13. How devastating.makes you wonder how many of the dogs still 'missing' are actually deceased. Utterly heartbreaking for the family still out their searching.trick or treaters once left my gate open & my dog escaped.never heard anything again. This was 14 years ago.
  14. I had a 4 for my Dalmatian and it was a little big.so a 5 is huge.
  15. Have you tried ringing street force to rule out the worst case senario?xx
  16. Hubby had a look and managed to find this out..... http://m.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/business/600-jobs-on-the-way-at-retail-park-1-6632742
  17. Bringing this thread back as iv noticed work has started on the unit opposite to argos etc.does anyone know what it's going to be or are they just starting work again in the hopes that they will get more shops to occupy the units?
  18. I've heard shooters grove have been plagued with rats & have put rat poison down in that area near the field?dont know of there's any truth in it though.
  19. Good on you for helping when everyone else passed him by!
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