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  1. Morrisons at ecclesfield have them in and they are all half price £7.50
  2. Any news on this? I see it’s all rubble there now where it’s been knocked down.
  3. Yes they start again just when you think it’s over
  4. Just do what I do and pretend to be on the phone ... they fall for it every time ... just make sure you flick it on silent beforehand
  5. That’s true...... Cani just say I was at this crossing today the green man came on so I started to walk and a car went straight through! Luckily I have my wits about me on this crossing or I too could of ended up getting knocked over!
  6. Any news on this pedestrian? Keep checking on here for updates...I do hope he’s pulled through.
  7. See I disagree with you there.... from the lights outside Morrisons crossing there are no further lights for cars till you reach the next set outside the chip shop..... many a time Iv been sat in the car on Forbes road waiting at the red light & I see many a bus/car drive straight through that crossing when the green man is on for the pedestrians. It needs sorting out!
  8. Middlewood road....where the bus terminus is....opposite Rawson spring pub.....the junction with forbes road.
  9. Same crossing as usual near the bus terminus outside jp news
  10. And up until the end of December you can also have 12 items instead of 6
  11. I didn't hear it either,but my daughters bedroom backs onto the junction & her windows were open,someone has said the car turned left out of singleton Rd,was seen travelling around 60/70 mph,hit the bollards & flipped the car on its roof,the guy got out & said I need my phone,went back to get it but the lads who were chasing him got hold of him & gave him a beating.... again this isn't gospel,it's what one of the neighbours has said,but the bollards are definitely smashed to bits. Had a look on Sheffield online & syp website but there's no mention of the incident. Hope the guy is ok.
  12. I bet it was,as a police car came out the next road up from singleton and came back down as though he couldn't find them,bet they turned left & crashed through the bollards trying to get away.
  13. Just hoping everything is ok... my daughter woke me around 12:20 saying something had happened on Morley street,she heard screeching tyres & shouting of someone saying "you've just hit me" & lots of shouting & screaming...we went out to see if the police needed calling,but someone was already on the phone to them... There was a wing mirror on walkley lane,a red car that had its door caved in & around 4 men fighting around a black car on the corner of singleton road,think a window was smashed on the car,then the fight continued further down singleton road.... 4 police cars turned up to find them & a lady was giving a statement to one of the officers in the car. Hope everyone involved was ok,someone said they had crashed into a few cars on Morley street & walkley lane
  14. My mate saw this & said a guy was in handcuffs
  15. Ahhhh I'm so sorry for your loss.awful when we loose pets.iv just recently got a Doberman,6 weeks ago.shes 14 weeks & the most clever little thing! Iv a Dalmatian who's 10 this year & Iv had him from a day old.ill be devastated when he goes.xxx
  16. Have you tried a water spray? Spray it at her when she barks. Works with mine.... Now all I have to do is get the bottle out & they stop lol! Or an empty bottle with some stones in, not to throw at her but shake when she starts.
  17. Just to let everyone know we have now changed the holiday to Palma nova... We qualified for a change with no charge as there are no flights now to turkey from East Midlands or Doncaster(our chosen airport) this summer. Manchester only flights.
  18. Well Thankyou so far for your comments! I appreciate all those for & against & what you have said! However..... I'm still majorly confused! Seems half say go for it & the other half say don't!! Very tempted to cancel the whole holiday & loose the £800 deposit! I know anything could happen anywhere regarding bombs etc... I guess I was hoping I would get answers yes or no..... Seems only we as a group can decide?!! :-0
  19. There's some on gumtree £350 Or some chocolate ones for £500
  20. We have a holiday booked for next year in turkey. Sarigerme is where we are staying,and it's been booked since May last year.we traveled to sarigerme in September of this year & felt totally safe in the resort,but with recent events we are wondering if to cancel? There are 8 of us going but we are seriously considering changing to Spain or Greece? I'm not really up on politics & am just going on what's been going on in the news the past few weeks. Would you cancel & go somewhere else or shall we stick with our booking? Any advice/input/opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  21. I have one.....where & when are you thinking x
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