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  1. I'm off to camp at Carsington Water at the weekend. Maybe do some windsurfing if the wind decides to materialise! Can anyone recommend any good local pubs within walking distance (or failing that a short drive) near to the carsington fields camp site?
  2. I'd avoid it on February 30th 2008 too if I was you!
  3. Hi I'm Sarah. I live in Hackenthorpe. I'm on a WEA writers course at the moment and eager to do more! (Anyone know of anything on over the Summer?) My favourite books / authors are: Ray Bradbury Joolz Denby Iain Banks Martin Millar Jeff Noon Robert Holdstock and lots of others besides! I like the urband fantasy genre - takes reality and stretches it a little.. I'm writing a novel - kind of supernatural thriller meets road protesters.. I really enjoy writing!!!!!
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