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  1. anyone know the whereabouts of Ray Griffiths from Shiregreen he had a brother John and a sister June if you know if he is still alive can you reply
  2. I went to carfield school 1957 - 1961 remember Mr Philips He was the Science master as well as running the Camera club Mr Edlington was the Headmaster I played in the netball team and the rounders Team my best mate was Sandra Gregory she lived on Richards road We went to Annes Road school in the 4th Year and I broke my arm at the youthclub that we had on Tuesday nights I was appointed the Angel gabrial in the Christmas Play so I had a pot on under my costume my name is June Oldfield
  3. hi martin441 thanks for getting right schhol for showers pop naylor was still teaching when i left also fred knowles also remember art teacher tec drawing mr derwent regard aj
  4. hi cassmar I just spoke to an old school pal I got wrong school it wasn't huntsmam gardens for showers it was maltby street regards aj
  5. hi cassmar must have got wrong school but remember walking down old hall road to get to swimming baths on Attercliffe common when it was 2p and a bath ticket
  6. any body go to this great school head master mr Gb Thomas mr lound mr derwent pop Naylor lads I remember Kenny bower Gordon hancock mick broughton doggy hall both bennet brother we used to play foot ball at little Wembley fair walke pass cutty meadows to tinsley park woods get a shower once a week at huntman garden school very short on mames memory not as good at 80 years old regards aj (carbrook lad)
  7. I was an apprentice at metro vic from 1955\1984 till closed served all my time in fitting shop great firm to work at sorry but at 80 years old sadley not good with names
  8. remember the drink shop at weedon street next to barbers shop went to carbrook county infants /jnr with there daughter Sandra in 1945/50 used to see here at skating rink above Webster furniture store
  9. Yes I agree with you Over the last few years it has gone very thin but over the last few months I have been buying it from Job Lot and it is now full of Caulie, and Onions it is great so maybe they have been listening to you all we will just have to see how long it lasts
  10. hi kashud I had the privilege to work with your dad for many years I remember when the avenger was launchad it came on a lorry all covered up it was put on the cleaning bay and after speeches by management was uncover for us all to see it was covered in wax your dad started the steam cleaner and started to dewax the car after 5 mins he had to stop all the colour came off the car was put back on the lorry and taken back he was a true gentleman and a great man to know regard aj
  11. if you went to Coleridge road sec mod in 1950/54 the little wemble was our football pitch and this was at ranskil road we had to walk down tinsley park road pass cutty meadows watching the men in the rolling mill at work the slatterd window what a great memory this brings back
  12. my wife June Oldfield went to Carfield school 1957 to 1961 she remembers Mr Cartwright, Mr Philips MrEdlington who was the headmaster , her best friend was Sandra Gregory who lived on Richards Road Heely they were both in the Netball and Rounders Teams they went everywhere together
  13. hi ernie sharp recall all the names mentioned spent many happy years at sut plus jack hand **** controller chap called gosling joe booker Derek tie alf riley regards aj
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