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  1. Today we payed referencing fees through an estate agent, my credit rating is average and i a worrier .... it said in the notes that you should be okay if your combined income is over x2.5 the annual rent. ( between us our annual income is quite a lot more than the rent) do you think we are okay? how have others managed when going through estate agents? any help or advice would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  2. Has anyone else lost there Internet connection in Sheffield who are using sky broadband????
  3. okay i have tried 3 diffrent numbers for this place and no one will answer .. if anyone knows the best way or number to contact them please let me know thankyou x
  4. we pre-orded months ago and we havent recieved it yet,,,, did yours come via courier or royal mail????????
  5. has any one recieved black ops for ps3 yet????
  6. does anyone know the number i could call for overpaid working tax credits? Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me if dragon tattoos on Mansfield road do laser removal? And how much it costs. ? Thankyou
  8. can anybody tell of there expiriences of yodel delivery comany i have heard nothing but bad news and found out yesturday that a parcel i have orded is coming via them .... it was scanned into manchester last night around 23:40 and then scanned into a depot in wales around 4:39..... i live in sheffield why the bleeding hell has it gone all that way~? anyone had this problem before? thankyou
  9. looking for something to do today,,, me and the partner are trying to think of something to do today ...any ideas?
  10. i took my test 5 days ago,,,, fair to say to a deep breath and take it like your on a lesson, when i went for my test people kept telling me no matter what the results were no one would think any less of me... so that carmed my nerves, dont try looking at what the examiner is writing orr doing because it makes you loose concentration ,,, x good luck
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows any nice cottages or b&b's near lake windermere ? wanting to go up in march, looking for idea's x Thankyou
  12. is eastern avenue job centre closed today? next to manor social club ? thanks
  13. do you know of any good places to look in skeggy what sites?
  14. Okay so im looking for ideas on where to go with the Mr for a weekend any idea's???
  15. i am looking at going to a craft fare very soon to sell some things ,,, any one know of one happening soon and were it would be ? thanks xxx
  16. i cant (edit) belive it his back tyre was (edit) and he shud have been took into pits earlia that way he might have had a chance. hope he does well next race. thats the last chance for this season .
  17. lewis got pole lets see what elce he can do teammate alonso in 4th
  18. just found out its on at 630
  19. does anyone know what time itis on in the morning??
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