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  1. Of course, but you should really quarantine him for his own safety. Do you have a cellar?
  2. Your post brings back memories. When my son was a baby, the midwife would say the same. After panicking, like all new mums do, I soon realised that his head would grow "too big" just before he had a growth spurt. Next time he's given a check up, I bet he'll have grown & his head will be back to "normal" ...until his next growth spurt My son is now a healthy strapping nine year old with a normal size head P.S. Every time it happened I would explain the big head/growth spurt to the midwife - I should have saved my breath - she never listened!
  3. Women have complete sympathy for the plight of men as you will see if you read this link
  4. If you think "man flu" is worse than women ...you haven't met the right women yet :hihi:
  5. I worked in an office where you entered a postcode onto the computer and it would automatically pick up the address so Totley and Hathersage would be Sheffield. I used to get a regular ear bashing from clients who wanted their address changing to Via Sheffield or Via Sheffield Sorting Office or even to remove the Sheffield bit completely Easily done but they were so snotty about it I used to tell them "Computer says no!"
  6. Clever I use the diseased manoeuvre - I have the grottiest tissue you have ever seen in your life screwed up in my bag. If we are ever approached, I pull out said tissue, blow my nose as loudly as I can then sniff and do that groany sigh that you do when you are dying of flu ....works every time
  7. Has anyone else noticed that there are two Doctors? One has a red shirt and tie while the other has a blue shirt and tie. I think both have appeared in each episode apart from Pandorica when the Doctor wore red the entire time so, unless they have made a huge continuity error, the blue Doctor is still out there P.S. I'm probably wrong ....I usually am anyway
  8. We went to the Asda at Handsworth ........once! Do they still have a salad bar? During our first and only visit - a woman sneezed, wiped her nose on the palm of her hand then started picking through the food on the salad bar ...not just with her bare hand but with the bare hand she'd just wiped her nose on :gag: and thrice We turned 180 degrees and walked straight out leaving a half full trolley ...it may still be there
  9. That's the situation I'm in - I haven't had a single pain free day this year On good days it's just (just ..lol ) cramping and backache and on bad days so bad that, even with prescription painkillers, I'd do the op myself with a rusty penknife! The more active I am, the more pain follows so, even now, I'm reduced to light pottering and gentle strolls. The pain and/or painkillers mean that I'm living in a perpetual fug and it's driving me spare!!!! It's reassuring to read that you all started to feel better within days and weeks rather than months and years because my greatest fear was having the op and not feeling any better for, well, ages really. ALZYMER, I didn't realise about protein depletion - that's something for me to look into. I'm taking a multi-vitamin & mineral tablet daily to make sure that (hopefully) I don't have any deficiencies but is there anything else that could help speed up the healing process? Did anyone take arnica? Did it help?
  10. Next month I will be having an abdominal hysterectomy (not sure whether I should use or ) I've had operations before but all the medical bods have told me that this will be different ...this is MAJOR surgery ....eeek! So anyway, I've read all the leaflets and I have my minions primed and ready to do my bidding (grape peeling etc.) when I escape get out of hospital. Do any of you hysterectomy and/or other major surgery veterans out there have any advice for me? Any tips for speeding me back to health? Anything that will make life easier for me for the next few months?
  11. Mock the Wock!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Nobody ever mocks the Wock....no Wock mocking on this forum. I can see the Sun headlines tomorrow "Forum Mock Wock Shocka" Anyway - back to the OP - I'm just me. The worst that I can admit to is that, once or twice, when I've been bored I've posted things (not trolling but extreme opinions) to see if I can get a reaction
  12. As I see it: It should all be about the sister who is retiring. The bloke should consider her feelings when he decides whether or not to go and your sister should make some gesture - even if it's just a card saying "I'm sorry I couldn't be there. Enjoy your retirement." Your sister has to come to terms with the fact that this is his family and they're unlikely to change. If it were me I'd be nice ....the worse the nasty sister gets, the nicer I'd be....so nice it makes your teeth hurt ...the nasty sister will hate it The family will be aware of what the nasty sister is like so if your sister behaves with dignity and rises above any disputes, it will work in her favour. Eventually, the family will rise to her defence when the nasty sister is around. However if your sister goes in with all guns blazing, the family are more likely to think "Oh, they're as bad as each other!" and leave your sister and nasty sister to rip each other to shreds.
  13. If it were me, I'd book a room in a posh hotel near the venue of the party for me and my bloke. I'd have a day of shopping and pampering, an evening of room service and tv. Then, the day after the party, I'd visit the newly retired sister with a card and gift If anybody mentioned the party, I'd be really nice and understanding about how it was close friends and family only
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