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  1. it's the bottom of Fargate that's taped off. loads of police there too.
  2. Maybe it's a ruse to avoid religation?
  3. I would say that they could, it's a big enough city and the centre seems busier every year. Plus there's loads of new development in and around the city centre, plenty of room for more eateries I'd have thought. I love Pret a Manger personally, I'd be there every day!
  4. The horn is very loud, you can hear it in my house when it's used on Middlewood Road. They do use it sparingly. Usually in I'm-driving-a-fifty-two-tonne-tram-and-It'll-do-you-loads-of-damage situations.
  5. Used to get emails from them but I definately turned it off. Can't remember where exactly but it's in there somewhere (or at least was). Have a dig around.
  6. They seemed to be winning then we saw large flames from the bottom of the black smoke plume: http://fearful.homeip.net/images/S2010001.jpg
  7. I think these are the same blokes I saw in Hillsborough / Wadsley last week. They kept ducking up and down passages. As most people on our street are at work during the week I was wondering what they were up to. It was a white, battered old transit van. When I walked past they were muttering to each other about it being a bit too posh to bother looking round here. DODGY!!
  8. Drove pass the station about 30mins ago and there were a number of emergency vehicles (including one marked "decontamination unit"). Anyone know what's going on?
  9. Gregg’s make disgusting cheap filth which should be thrown straight down the nearest toilet. Subway make disgusting expensive filth which should be thrown straight down the nearest toilet. On the basis the Gregg’s don’t shout about how it’s better to ‘Eat Fresh’ whilst pedalling their particular brand of mass produced, reclaimed, reconstituted, irradiated junk. I have to vote for them. Local sandwich shops run by people who care about what they’re doing are not included in the poll I notice. Guess who I'd vote for then.
  10. There's three ways to do this (depending on the router). You can restrict access to your wireless router by MAC address, which will only let the machines on you specify in the router's config access it. You can set up a password, which will also encrypt the data transmitted between your router and your computer. You can configure your router to not broadcast its name (SSID) which will stop people finding it in the first place. Or you can use all three. Your router's config pages should explain all this.
  11. I must add Chesterfield to this list. It's a complete hole. and Batley... (Shudder)
  12. Well said! If I catch the little herbert who's decided to brighten up my garden wall, he'll be the one looking colourful when I'm done with him.
  13. I've been asked for suggestions from a colleague for a good place to go for a hen night in Sheffield. She's after a place she can eat and stay on all night at (i.e. somewhere with a bar). Having never thought of a venue for such an event in my life, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Cheers
  14. Hi - Nearly Crookes - Steve does yoga on a Wednesday night (8-9.30) at Fir Street Community Centre on Fir Street (just down the hill from Heavygate Road). Usually 4 quid a session (although I've not been for a while so best check!) I went having never done any yoga before and he was very supportive - the class is full of all kinds of ability and people new to yoga start all the time. He has a website: http://www.shamayoga.org.uk which has his email address and class times and venues on.
  15. Hi - we live just off Middlewood Road about as close to the ground as you would be. Been here one year, have had absolutely no problems, though as has been said before, tactical parking is in order! I like living so close to somewhere that's such a big bit of the community and often throw open the windows and try to guess the score from the noise coming from the ground. Wouldn't change it for a second. Still...if they go up and more fans come back.....
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