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  1. No up near markets across from Suggs think they called it castle house.
  2. Can you remember the lift person at BHS can anyone put a name to them?
  3. Most times I’ve seen it from longley park it seems to circle in
  4. Do they come straight in to land or is there a procedure? Because I think they circle but was told they come straight in
  5. Sorry that was to another question she said due to her religious beliefs so don’t know she wasn’t dressed in Muslim dress so I’m thinking catholic but that’s just stereotyping and irrelevant
  6. Spoke on phone to Lloyd’s as long as she recommended another pharmacy and checked if they had the drugs there’s no dispute then they sent that email
  7. Well she put my mrs about but legally nothing wrong .The other pharmacist where she went knew of her and says she’s just a pain but she knows her rights
  8. If you really wanted you could ring Lloyd’s firthpark and ask I’m sure they’ll explain the law and there policy and there’s a good chance she will answer the phone to explain her views but remember she done nothing wrong
  9. Isn’t it supposed to say with all due respect I think this is made up because .......
  10. Mickey Finn I know you think your trying to help sharing something like this and somebody wants to start an argument whats that about throughly modern family there’s some right <removed>
  11. I’ve took my name off but it’s my email I’ve put the thread up just to let people know of our experience not to be accused of fake news or start arguing what you mean whats a modern family and yes the easiest thing to do is don’t use that pharmacy. CSO38823/LH/0262 08 August 2019 PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL Mr Email sent to: firthpark@aol.com Dear Further to your email of the 06 August 2019 regarding the concerns you have raised about our pharmacy at 428-430 Firth Park Road, Sheffield. We would like to thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and sincerely apologise for any upset and inconvenience that may have been caused. Our priority is always the health and wellbeing of our patients. We adhere to the General Pharmaceutical Council guidelines which allow Pharmacists to refuse to dispense medication that goes against their personal beliefs. However, we make sure our Pharmacists are aware that this should only ever happen if there is adequate alternative care available for the patient. As part of our own guidance, we encourage our Pharmacists to use their professional judgement, but they must always put the patient first. If a Pharmacist refuses to dispense a particular product, they should make the relevant arrangements to ensure a patient can obtain the product from an alternative pharmacy. It is always our aim to provide a professional, courteous and efficient service to all of our patients and I would once again like to apologise that this was not your Wife’s experience on this occasion. Yours sincerely Rajinder Dhillon MRPharmS Professional Standards Pharmacist> Pharmacy Superintendent’s Office
  12. To me she’s just stirring up hatred peoples views or beliefs should not be imposed on another especially someone just going about there normal business
  13. As anyone experienced anything like this my wife went to the Lloyd’s pharmacy at firthpark to pick my daughters contraceptive pill up she waited 30 mins the pharmacist came out said could she have a word in side room and told her she couldn’t give the prescription because it was against her religious beliefs and recommended another pharmacy near by .Lloyd’s says it’s fine with this but me I think it’s wrong .
  14. I'm sure if people can travel to Leeds n notts wadsley would be a piece a cake
  15. My friend as never worked lives in 3bedroom council house on his own ,never paid tax national insurance council tax smokes and comes for a drink Sundays age 45 not for me but he's happy. Oh yes council gave him £2000 because his house is near a tip
  16. Private and public workers should have same rules on pensions and sick pay and conditions
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