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  1. Hi, anyone recommend a good mobile valeter, I have a 20 year old golf convertible which needs Sears and carpets shampooing back to as new as possible. Also need the inside of the hood cleaning as it's currently grey and should be cream
  2. I have a cream legbar cockerel free to anyone who wants it, it's about 12 weeks old, I have had it since it was a chick but I can't keep it where I live Rehoming template for birds. Rehome or Sale? Reason for Rehome / Sale Sale Amount Location Type of bird to Rehome / Sell With or Without Cage? Is the bird hand tame Age & Sex Colour Live in / out Any Current or Historical Health Issues Temperament Any special knowledge needed General Information you can share
  3. Case closed we have tracked them down and reclaimed the bike, thanks for your
  4. Yeah that would of been good, the reg starts s326 if anyone sees it. Where bouts at heeley
  5. Yes they will be passing it onto the police tomorrow when they come to look at CCTV. Yeah if you could send me the police officers name ill pass it on. Thanks
  6. The van is a blue vauxhall movano maybe bit like a transit. Got pictures of them doing it as house has CCTV.
  7. Anybody seen a light blue van with 3 men inside looking for scrap? They have today stolen a bike off my relatives garden. One of them is young lad with shaved blonde hair with tattoos on upper body. Other is a medium height older man with dark hair. They were in the Bradway area this morning 8-9
  8. I have a some legbar and Rhode Island Red chicks that are in the process of hatching and there will likely be cockerels in there, is anyone willing rehome the cockerels or know of anywhere that would take them as I don't want to cull them. ---------- Post added 14-05-2013 at 11:32 ---------- I have 3 definite cream legbar cockerels free to a good home, they were born yesterday and today.
  9. I need a FA registered referee for an under 16s match in S8 if anyone can do it. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know any local boxer dog breeders? or know of anyone selling red puppies. Thanks
  11. thanks for the reply, i have read into the breed so realise what a nightmare they can be. where abouts is your breeder based?
  12. Hi I am looking for a beagle puppy if anyone knows of anybody selling any, male or female.
  13. I think it's bad too as the schools could bring in revenue of about £500+ but they don't want do it for it some reason
  14. Spoke to some schools and they don't want to hire out to local teams
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