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  1. Thank you OP for sharing your happy story It's made me happy.
  2. Hi - sounds ace The link above doesn't work btw, but this is where I located info: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/family-lego-club-march-tickets-10506173247
  3. Hi - does anyone know where the cheapest 20mm replacement floorboards might be found? They're to go under carpet. Any pointers gratefully received
  4. http://www.recycle4children.co.uk/ne/sheffield-sheffield-football-club-p-73.html It costs £9.00 for a seller's pitch (=6ft long table provided). £2 entry for buyers.
  5. Will email you! Many thanks ---------- Post added 13-01-2013 at 16:17 ---------- Hi Alicia, did you get my email? I have lots of friends who are v excited about your idea! Best wishes, Melanie
  6. Hi Alicia, Sounds fab! I've sent you a PM xxx Melanie
  7. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Sheffield - the food is consistently superb, as are the takeaways The buffet nights are high quality too - but I can't remember which nights they are.
  8. Hi there, please pass our thanks on to the organisers - it was a fab jumble sale and all the volunteers were so friendly
  9. Hi - we had the same problem with our son. In the end we found he'd drink formula milk from a beaker if it was cold! He refused bottles aswell, which was really stressful as I was returning to work and was worried about what he'd do at nursery for drinks! To be honest, we were stressing about the whole bottle thing (he would never take a bottle, no matter what type or tricks we tried) - until I read that they advise to stop using bottles at 6 months anyway and move onto sippy cups, so I stopped worrying and he took to the cups fine. So, my advice - ditch the bottles and try her with a sippy cup And get milk into her via food (custard, mash, rice pud etc etc) if you're still concerned.
  10. Hi - does anyone know what's happening in Endcliffe Park today - I drove past this morning and there was lots of stalls being put out - I can't find any info anywhere. Many thanks! Ahhhh - just found out it's Sheffield Pride. Mystery solved!
  11. It's in North Anston - and absolutley fantastic
  12. This sounds fab It may be a bit early for me though - would it be dreadful if I came a bit late?
  13. Hi, no problem, we used this online estate agent: http://www.hatched.co.uk Other online estate agencies are available!
  14. Hi everyone - just an update on our earlier post: We decided to try using an online estate agency to sell our house - it sold in less than 4 weeks, and for £20K more than all the three estate agents who came to value it had said we'd get for it (Hmmmm, undervaluing properties perhaps???). We paid £250 upfront for marketing on Rightmove etc, and will pay a further £200 upon completion. That's it. The service was excellent - I can't recommend this route highly enough. It's a no-brainer really (unless you need to use an estate agent to do the viewings).
  15. There are quite a few online estate agencies to choose from - just google "online estate agents"; we looked at a few, found some reviews, and chose the one that starts with "Ha*****" (not sure if I'm allowed to blatently name them!).
  16. We weighed it up and decided to go with an online estate agency - apparently over 80% of people looking for houses look on sites like Rightmove etc and don't step foot in an estate agent's office (which I can identify with, as I only look on Rightmove!). We paid £250 upfront (to get it online on sites like Rightmove, photos, floorplan, EPC, photos, for sale board etc), and will pay £200 upon completion. We decided it was worth gambling £250 against the 2K + that estate agents would take! The online estate agency so far has been brilliant - and people who've come to view have also said how impressed they were with the speed of service from them to arrange viewings. In contrast, I've contacted a couple of local estate agencies recently to try to arrange going to view houses and it was like pulling teeth! One didn't even get back to me at all! It has made me question what they do to earn their huge commissions!
  17. Hi, you could try posting this in the parenting section too?
  18. The brick garden wall to one side of my property is in a bad condition - it will need rebuilding, and this will be a huge undertaking, as next door's garden is elevated a good few feet above mine, and this wall is therefore supporting LOTS of soil, trees etc!! I've looked through the deeds and can't find any information as to whether this wall is my responsibility or the neighbours - does any one know how to find out if the neighbour doesn't know either, do I need to go through a solicitor, or is there some land registry service I can use? All advice gratefully received, many thanks!
  19. These are cheap: http://www.parcel2go.com
  20. I've tried getting Ambesol from a few chemists but nowhere I've been stocks it - where do you get your from?
  21. Bowshaw only charged £1 for sellers the last two weeks - does anyone know how long this will be the case? Many thanks
  22. Hi, this website might help as it lists playgroups by area: http://www.netmums.com/whatson//sheffield/
  23. Sounds fun - Which road is Woodseats Methodist Church on please?
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