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  1. Thank you OP for sharing your happy story It's made me happy.
  2. Hi - sounds ace The link above doesn't work btw, but this is where I located info: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/family-lego-club-march-tickets-10506173247
  3. Hi - does anyone know where the cheapest 20mm replacement floorboards might be found? They're to go under carpet. Any pointers gratefully received
  4. http://www.recycle4children.co.uk/ne/sheffield-sheffield-football-club-p-73.html It costs £9.00 for a seller's pitch (=6ft long table provided). £2 entry for buyers.
  5. Will email you! Many thanks ---------- Post added 13-01-2013 at 16:17 ---------- Hi Alicia, did you get my email? I have lots of friends who are v excited about your idea! Best wishes, Melanie
  6. Hi Alicia, Sounds fab! I've sent you a PM xxx Melanie
  7. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Sheffield - the food is consistently superb, as are the takeaways The buffet nights are high quality too - but I can't remember which nights they are.
  8. Hi there, please pass our thanks on to the organisers - it was a fab jumble sale and all the volunteers were so friendly
  9. Hi - we had the same problem with our son. In the end we found he'd drink formula milk from a beaker if it was cold! He refused bottles aswell, which was really stressful as I was returning to work and was worried about what he'd do at nursery for drinks! To be honest, we were stressing about the whole bottle thing (he would never take a bottle, no matter what type or tricks we tried) - until I read that they advise to stop using bottles at 6 months anyway and move onto sippy cups, so I stopped worrying and he took to the cups fine. So, my advice - ditch the bottles and try her with a sippy cup And get milk into her via food (custard, mash, rice pud etc etc) if you're still concerned.
  10. Hi - does anyone know what's happening in Endcliffe Park today - I drove past this morning and there was lots of stalls being put out - I can't find any info anywhere. Many thanks! Ahhhh - just found out it's Sheffield Pride. Mystery solved!
  11. It's in North Anston - and absolutley fantastic
  12. This sounds fab It may be a bit early for me though - would it be dreadful if I came a bit late?
  13. Hi, no problem, we used this online estate agent: http://www.hatched.co.uk Other online estate agencies are available!
  14. Hi everyone - just an update on our earlier post: We decided to try using an online estate agency to sell our house - it sold in less than 4 weeks, and for £20K more than all the three estate agents who came to value it had said we'd get for it (Hmmmm, undervaluing properties perhaps???). We paid £250 upfront for marketing on Rightmove etc, and will pay a further £200 upon completion. That's it. The service was excellent - I can't recommend this route highly enough. It's a no-brainer really (unless you need to use an estate agent to do the viewings).
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