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  1. Hi, is your alias anything to do with the 'cafe' on Union Street,in years gone by?
  2. Hi crusty bread, no I never, never, did anything untoward like that I was very good!
  3. No musical instruments for me sis in Glasby's class,must have been a man thing! Jerusalem!!
  4. Hi sis,no that is another family, that was Tony Cupitt rather dishy too as I recall, did he go to Owler or Whitby.
  5. How can you ever think that of me!!!of course they were of the composers sis, which ones and which order did they sit on the window sill:D:D:D:D
  6. Hi crusty bread,how come you had Mr Moss on your 1st yr photo and we got MrHarrison? I remember a few of those names from my 2nd yr with the music man.Was Terry Cupitt from Darnall? As for lurpak ...nofats! I wish
  7. Hi CB,I don't remember the names of the 4 busts on Glasby's windowsill, but I did hear some years later that they had been flushed down the toilet causing a blockage!!
  8. Hi crustybread,I always think of lurpak when I read that!yes very sad about Tony he was in hie thirties I think when he died, I do recall Linda also.As I said earlier I was in Mr Moss's class but for some reason my 1st yr photo has Mr Harrison on.Your French is quite good! Some of the antics Roy got upto are quite memorable!Can you recall some of the names on your 1st year photo? I was in Glasby's class in my 2nd yr, when he used to play Findels cave he used to roar ,'can you hear the water(sea) just rushing in, can you?' I once took a Paul Robeson record he thought it was Xmas.
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