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  1. Does anybody know if the traffic is still bad around Bridgehouses roundabout as I need to drive from woodhouse to Hillsborough in the next hour. Thanks
  2. Hi does anyone know where I can get the zip repaired on my coat around the Hillsborough Area? Thanks
  3. Hi does anyone know if any pubs up crookes or broomhill will be showing the Froch Vs Groves fight tomorrow night ?
  4. tonight i had a go on the football at william hill the teams i chose to win where: Fulham Cardiff Middlesbrough Leeds Northampton Luton Livingston all of these won but the question i have is leeds where playin in a 2 leg jonstones paint game and tonight won 3-2 after 90 minutes but lost on penalties so does my bet mean i have won or lost? thanks
  5. Goldschlager is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps, a clear liqueur with very thin yet visible flakes of floating gold. would somebody please tell me where i can buy this stuff in sheffield please?
  6. give me club vibe anyday
  7. hi, i am thinking of goin here for my birthday and would like to know what people think of it? and do they serve alcohol? thanks
  8. women use pmt as a an excuse to get back at us men, my girlfriend goes in to a monster for the week lol she litteraly bites my head off for breathing
  9. how come sheffiled wednesday are been very very quiet in the transfer market
  10. [GK] Petr Cech [LB] Patrice Evra [CB] Cannavaro [CB] Rio Ferdinand [RB] Maldini [LM] Ronaldinho [CM] Steven Gerrard [CM] Kaka [RM] C. Ronaldo [FW] Drogba [FW] Van nistelrooy Subsitutes [GK] Dida [LB] Risse [CB] Vidic [M] Scholes [FWD] Drogba
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