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  1. Can anyone remember The Beehive in the sixties ? I remember Anne ( the landlords daughter ) and her husband John. I was their best man, but after moving away from Sheffield lost touch. Anyone know their whereabouts?
  2. I remember Arnold Wade very well indeed. he was the best boss I ever had. He was grumpy, churlish and downright nasty on occasions, but if you ever were in need of help ( work or otherwise ) he totally changed, and you couldn't wish for any one better. My favourite story was in the Steelworkers strike when pickets were deployed to Bedford's Rolling Mills to discourage deliveries of steel . He was kindness itself, arranging for mugs of tea for all at regular intervals, finally persuading them that there was no need to picket Bedford's because he was in total sympathy with the strike. The pickets withdrew, and the same night steel was delivered to the Mill from an unknown source. No one ever suspected a thing.
  3. Rod was one of a group of us that used to congregate in the Ball, along with his cousins Ken & Mick, Bob Hill, Mick Jeeves, John Rogers, Derek Armitage and others. Known to all as "Face" he was one of the good guys. RIP
  4. As far as I know, yes. Can you send me a pm to see what happens ? By the way, sorry I missed the reunion - I had a pre-arranged birthday bash that night. Looks as if a good night was had by all.
  5. Hi Nettiej !! Have checked both these, but still nothing !
  6. Not very good with computers. Can't find PM you sent.please resend - many thanks
  7. Hi Drabb I played alongside John Rogers late 60's for both the Ball Inn and The Beehive. In fact I was John & Ann's best man, but lost touch with them some years ago.If you can contact him, please let him know that It would be great to meet up again.
  8. I'm not sure what photos I still have as quite a few went with my first wife when we were divorced.I will have to search the loft for the box I brought with me. Anyway, it's great to hear from you and I would be grateful for any pics you can post.I now live in exile in Chesterfield, and almost always get lost when I have to go into Sheffield for anything. The car automatically heads for Meadowhall these days.I will let you know if I find any pics.
  9. Don't know whether I'm the Alan that Cat mentioned, but the names ( and faces ) came flooding back.I knew June W, the Howsons, and the others.What about Phil Jones , Paul Hibbert, Ian Reynolds ? I'm Alan Green, by the way, from Wansfell Rd ( Bottom Grimey ) and was at Owler Lane Intermediate until 1960 also. I've managed to get to a couple of the reunions, but missed last Friday, unfortunately.It's good to know there are more from my year out there.
  10. Alan & Ian Stickland were in the Boy's Brigade ( St Thomas 21st Company ) at around the same time as myself, Ralph (Cat631), Trevor Wright, Alan Norton & John Dennett. My memory's a bit vague as to which school they attended so perhaps someone else may remember:confused:
  11. Hi Margaret !! Please pass on my congratulations and best wishes to Heather & Ray. Hope they have many more anniversaries. Best wishes to you and John also. Alan Green
  12. To all you Grimeys out there. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy ( and healthy ) New Year. See some of you at the next reunion hopefully All the best !! Almac :clap:
  13. Hi There My Grandma and Grandad lived opposite the Club in the 50's. Their names were Walt & Maud Green.When I used to visit them there was a gap between the houses where a bomb had landed in the 2nd World War. My main memory of them was my grandmother going down to the pub on the corner each night and fetching my Grandad a jug of ale, in which he plunged a red hot poker ! [/i]
  14. I remember Donny Greaves quite well, we went out together for a while. She eventually met and married a Greek guy ( I think his name was Georgos ), and went to live in Athens.Don't know whether she came back though.
  15. Hi ! Taking up the Crossey/Minnis theme, I used to work with Roy ( as his assistant ) when he was the accounts office manager at Viners cutlery company. Do you remember the pantomimes that Cliff, along with Colin and Edna Christian wrote, produced and directed. They took people from all organisations at St Thomas and put on a show each year - absolutely great !! I also have Roy Crossey to thank for my Duke of Edinburgh award. He introduced it to the Grimesthorpe area. Now there were two guys who did deserve recognition for their work with young people. Almac
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