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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me find out who owns/lets the garages at the top of Smithywood Crescent? Or contact details would be good
  2. Depends on the apps. Like anything else in this life, don't be a tard.
  3. I think it's hilarious. Take them from Britney of course if they're going to be with that shining paradigm of parenthood that is Mr Federline...
  5. I adore blowing things up and burning stuff. Bring it on! I also love my drainpipe bazooka
  6. The Yamato Ensemble. Some nice Koto tunes.
  7. Pretty awful place to be honest. Dirty, dangerous, expensive, smelly. Go anywhere else in the US for a better time. When I left and went to Vegas and then San Fran (before moving on to the east coast) the difference was like chalk and cheese.
  8. http://www.hostelworld.com/index.php Used that when I travelled round the world almost exclusively. Excellent site, and don't be put off by the name, they have hotels too
  9. Missing a link there I think mate For those scared of flying, an alternative therapy is to fly round the world. Worked well with my ex.
  10. Started OK, but going bad. Don't like Sundays. Lond dark teatime of the soul and all that.
  11. What the hell are you all doing getting up so early on a Sunday? I got up at about half eleven. Surfed the internet. Intend to watch the MotoGP and probably play PES. Then I may or may not have a few beers and that's it.
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