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  1. Elsecar is a wildfowl reserve anyway, I was just hoping someone would know of anywhere that may rescue this duck and prhaps be able to move it away from there. Thanks anyway
  2. I have seen an Aylesbury Duck on Elsecar Reservoir, it is being attacked by the other ducks. It may be nature but this poor duck will die soon. Manged to get them off and it got back in the water, It may be nature but this poor duck will die soon. Have tried Barnsley Council and RSPCA and email to RSPB (don't know when they will get back) and they have been no help at all!! Thanks
  3. Fantastic news, so so happy that the pair of you are now reunited. Love from both of us xxxxx
  4. So sorry to read this, hubby and I can imagine how worried you are. I really hope she turns up for you soon. xxx Sending positive vibes.
  5. I would highly Recommend Sam Lovatt of Dearne Plumbing and Bathrooms http://www.ddps.biz/ Mobile number: 07909842848 He has just totally refitted a bathroom for us, having taken the room back to basics. installed new shower and towel radiator. Did all the plumbing and tiling. Totally love it!! He is a really pleasant guy, and gave some really good advice to boot! Reasonably priced and such attention to detail. Would definately use Sam again for any future plumbing work,
  6. Hi, I can highly reccommend Sam Lovatt (Dearne Bathrooms) Website: http://www.ddps.biz Mobile number:07909842848 He has just finished our bathroom, fitted new suite, moved toilet and did all the pipework. Tiled walls and floor. Also fitted a new chrome radiator with the valves It looks fantastic, and we are delighted with it. He is a really nice guy, works really hard and is very Conscientiousness. We thought reasonably priced too for the work involved.
  7. So glad he turned up, such a worry when they go missing.
  8. Thanks for your post lwb, and the article. I'm not quite sure just how much cold they will withstand, don't like to dig out corms yet really as they still look pretty hardy. Maybe our UK Winters are not so harsh as to kill them, perhaps I'll just have to keep an eye on them and if the buds start dying back I'll have to review things. I love them too, really delicate and colourful.
  9. We bought some garden Cycleman (Verve) from a garden centre in August. There is no indication on the labels for winter care. They are still flowering and have new buds appearing. I just wondered if it was ok to leave them in their pots in the garden, or is there some point they should be rescued, if so would a conservatory be ok for the winter period?? Thanks Aberdeen
  10. Now that makes great reading:) So glad he's back. Maybe he got spooked by fireworks and took cover. Hope the Vet gives him the all clear.
  11. I do hope you find him, he is a lovely cat. I would post as well in the Interest Groups on here, there is a pet section.
  12. Of course it is, how stupid am I:roll: Thanks Womerry 2. Will leave well alone until winter and also check up on Grapevines.
  13. Could someone please advise me as what this tree might be. Initally thought it may be an Elder, but not so sure now. We moved here recently and are trying to indentify what is currently growing. It has a large branch which collapsed yesterday, I have tied it back but not hopeful. Not sure how to prune as it is a huge twisty branch and don't want to damage the tree. It is pretty high and don't think it has been pruned for some time. Mant thanks
  14. Avante, moved recently and used them. Great service!
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