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  1. Hi there. Does anyone know if there is a toddler group running at holmhirst methodist church at woodseats this morning? It says termtime online but as holidays differ and i know the school my friend works at is closed, im not sure if it is. The contact number is off and i haven't been before. Thanks.
  2. Yes I have that size bag too. But you can soothe winters troubles by putting some porridge oats and some grated root ginger and cloves in a muslin bag or clean sock, and hang it under the running tap for a muscle warming and head clearing soak in the bath. X
  3. Most asian grocers sell huge bags for much cheaper than the supermarkets. :-)
  4. Being annoyed by a forum post that has appeared on an electronic device that you either own or have easy access to is surely a first world problem in itself? Thanks for the input though. Very helpful. ;-)
  5. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Ill leave the offer of 'nearly new' ta! My other half hates the broad bands of elastic that are stitched to the majority of boxers. Alls well though as I managed to get some in meadowhells primarni today. X
  6. Help please! Where can I buy super loose fitting jersey boxer shorts that are hemmed over the waistband elastic as opposed to having a band of elastic stitched on? Like the cheap essentials ones that primark dont do any more. Tesco value do em but they are mostly white. Ideally I would like black, navy or grey. Surely they still exist somewhere. Any ideas please? Preferably a multi pack at less than a tenner.
  7. Another comment for the guns in McDonald's. As someone who used to work there, I can say that we did give free coffee to police to encourage their presence. We had a lot of trouble with fights and drug related stuff. From college students smoking weed just outside the entrance, and one or two dealing. We also had a few undesirables who would kick off at the staff regularly. Police presence stops that. Would you rather see a copper with a holstered gun having a coffee or some 17 year old college kid having his nose broken in a small restaurant packed with members of the public.
  8. Andrews tea rooms on Chapel walk. Approximately eight pounds per person. Absolutely lovely and really nice service. Our party of 9 were there past closing time (we lost track, chatting!) and they didnt ask us to leave, just tidied up around us and let us go at our own pace. Would definitely go again. x
  9. I hired one from http://www.dopplerhire.co.uk/ for a tenner a month. Works great and they supply the ultrasound gel to use it with at no extra charge. x Edit- It does take some practice to find the heartbeat, took me 20 mins first time. Can find it in a couple of minutes now!
  10. the way he placed them? Like on buildings? Walls? Im afraid he didnt invent any of that. Le rat was doing it years before banksy. Look it up. Its all there for you to explore. Should you wish to inform yourself that is. I take from your posts that anything painted on a wall that you like is art. And anything you dislike is vandalism. Each to their own. Apologies to the op for the thread turning into another graffiti thread. I hope you find What you are looking for. :-)
  11. He did an exhibition in the millenium gallery last year. There were a set of button badges on sale there with some sayings on. "reyt good" "tha knows" "defs" "mebs". Not sure if thats of interest to you.
  12. Indeed, Banksys style of using stencils is not an original concept. The artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest used stencils as far back as the 1960s to depict quite political subjects. As have other artists. True originality is a rare thing.
  13. Next up...we will be comparing Edvard Munch - The Scream, to the Sistine Chapel.
  14. Remember, if you dont know what you are talking about, you better back it up with insults.
  15. My cousin used to be the landlady. She says so. She has a VHS tape of shadowy figures walking through some of the regulars having a drink. She wants the tape putting on to DVD but wont allow the video out of the house in case it gets lost/broken! Apparently all sorts of spooky stuff used to happen.
  16. Pay it at a paypoint. They accept credit card payment.
  17. Im originally from Firth Park. Parts of it are ok, parts of it arent. I spent my whole childhood there and I have had another older kid try to mug me for my bike, (unsuccessfully, though I got a black eye for my trouble) and been punched in the street "for a laugh". In fairness that was 15-20 years ago! After leaving home I have lived in Pitsmoor (edgy) Grimesthorpe (alright) Broomhall (not great) Meersbrook (really nice) Nether edge (mostly nice) and Ecclesall (great). Between these areas I have lived back in Firth Park for family reasons. I left permanantly about 5 years ago. Just before my move, I was on the way to the bus stop and some 7-10 year olds threw half a housebrick at me which narrowly missed my head. It was so close that I felt the wind off it on my face as I watched it pass. The house I lived in had some very long term neighbours who then moved, after that a really nice family moved in but they did nothing to the garden for 2 years. It was like a jungle with toys and clothes in it. The last neighbours were awful. The mother of the 4 kids communicated only by screaming at them from 8am until midnight, and her fella drove his car over the grass verge, churning it all into mud all the way from the front of our house to theirs. They had a driveway to use too, but reversing in or out must have been too much effort. I wouldnt go back there. While I appreciate that there are many good people there, there are a lot of council properties that house problem families and can make life a bit on top. I still have family there. Some love it, some hate it. I have visited with my (then a puppy) labrador and had some young scrote try and 'intimidate' us with his dog in the street. Try other areas for property, I think someone suggested Birley? Hackenthorpe and Intake are ok, my husband is from that area. His sister has just bought a house there and its huge for not a massive price. Close to amenities and travel routes.
  18. As a side note, in pre victorian times, the C word was considered no more offensive than "tuppence" would be today (as in lady parts). Also to be called pretty would mean you were cunning, or untrustworthy rather than a looker. I have a book called dirty words that gives alot of the origins of swearwords and slang words. Its interesting to see how language changes over time. As for the original point, you cant please all of the people all of the time.
  19. I would just like to say that today I have been to Hoopers for a cut by Anne. Would definitely recommend. She has done a smashing job.
  20. I need to get a CV printed from a usb memory stick. is there anywhere in S11 that has this service or a photocopier with the relevant slot in it? Thanks
  21. I went there, a couple of years ago now mind. I had a charity unleashed drinks voucher to redeem and they wouldnt honour it as it was "after 5pm on a saturday". There werent any terms and conditions on the voucher. It was a shame as we were meeting about 15 mates. We left as i was pretty annoyed and went to Olive instead. I was much happier to spend cash there.
  22. Allow me to post the links for you! xx
  23. Go to decathlon. they do decent bags for cheap. Also they sell weights, so you can test in store!
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