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  1. Does anyone know what time the stalls are open until on Fargate? Thanks
  2. Me and Vicki will be in Mexico for the first two dates, and I have plans on 18th so definately going for December 11th!
  3. Sorry something has come up so wont be able to make it
  4. Hi Jaap Please sign me and Sarah up Thanks Rachael
  5. Hi Can I sign up me and Vicki? Thanks Rachael
  6. Hi Jaap Sorry I'm going to have to cancel as not very well :-( Rachael
  7. on behalf of Vicki, can you sign her up? Thanks
  8. Hi Jaap Me and Vicki for Tuesday Thanks Rachael
  9. Hi Nish Me and Vicki will be coming, looking forward to it! Rach :-)
  10. Hi Jaap Sorry going to have to cancel as something has come up Thanks Rachael
  11. Hi everyone This event has now been cancelled
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