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  1. My dear, as a person of age and experience, let me share with you what I believe to be true. If you neither love, nor want to be with your wife, then your marriage will be a shambles. You may very well be able to keep up the pretence for a few months or so, but eventually you will end up in exactly the same position as you are in now...only with more familial turmoil under your belt. On top of that, if you decide to leave AGAIN, in theory, you will have left TWICE, and imagine the damage THAT might do to your children. Of COURSE it ripped out your children's hearts when you left.....what did you expect? But, new wounds do not last forever, and over the course of time, if you live near to them, and make a CONSTANT effort to see them regularly, and bring them in to your new life, they will be much happier and know that you love them. Just because you may choose to live in the same house as them does not mean that everything is fine and in full working order! Your children will also be aware of this. I do not know the life that you lead, but often, fathers who do move out and are then happy, CAN have very close relationships with their children...and often see them more, do more with them, and have better relationships with them than if they had stayed at home pretending to 'mum' that everything was all right. Do you think your 'school friend' would welcome your children in to her life? Things will be tough at first, but you have to think about the long term effects on all parties. From what you say it sounds like you want to be with your 'new love'. So, why put yourself through a life of what you DONT want? Eventually, your children will understand. It really matters little, in a mess like this, whether or not you are in the house. If you can prove to your children that you will always be there for them....and I mean by your constant actions, then your children will grow to accept this. You are not doing anyone any favours by living a lie. What do you think your children would want for YOU, the MAN? If it was YOUR son or daughter in your situation, what would you advise them to do? Live a lie, or be happy? Good luck to you! You only get one shot at life. Aim for the target. It may get off to a shaky start, but you will get on course, and then you, and everyone else WILL be happy.
  2. Have now withdrawn from the situation. Will not see him again, or be in any situation in which he, too, could be. Will just have to deal with this alone.
  3. Scott..I assure you, I am not out to steal anyone! I am just having a hard time dealing with these feelings. I haven't acted on anything. I have not done anything wrong. I am simply sharing this torture with you guys!
  4. I suppose asking would be the best way...if I can brave it. I don't want to humiliate myself. I can't grab the poor bloke by the balls though...although he IS always putting my hands on his hips....and I would not want to just launch myself at him. Regardless of the state of his relationship, he is involved with someone, and it just wouldn't be right.
  5. I am so out of 'the game of crushes' etc that I wouldn't even know how to test the water anymore. How can you tell if someone is really reciprocating these days, or just being a total flirt?
  6. This is mammoth! Would you act on it? I am trying to make it go away, but it just won't. It is ridiculous. I don't know if this person is the same with everyone, or if it is just me. I have had this crush for about 5 months, and it is just getting worse.
  7. I currently have an intoxicating crush on someone and I just don't know what to do! I know that this person is involved with someone but from what I gather they are constantly telling each other to go off and be with someone else, as they are not getting on too well. My current situation is not conducive to allowing this crush to continue, and although I am desperate to be out of said situation, due to circumstances, it is not possible at the present time. I have no idea how the recipient of this crush feels. One minute they are very very flirty, the next they are incommunicado (although their lives are horrendously busy). What would you do? It is starting to become a major infatuation, and this is just so unlike me!
  8. Mini, you can't get rid of Omsk! Surely she must be ready to hatch out of her shell. Won't you at least wait and see the mystery that lies within? It might be a breath-taking sight. Give Omsk a chance before you return her to the spot where you found her. She might be the missing part of your life.
  9. Mini, I think that you should show Omsk some affection. Talk to her. Encourage her out of her shell and hold her to your heart. Do you truly wish to hold on to her? What if someone finds the photograph with your number on it and claims the egg for him/herself. It could be anybody who does that! I think you should keep her. What is the knowledge in which you are separated?
  10. I think, Mini, that inside your egg is a beautiful lady who is aware of your feelings and who is waiting for you to hold her when she hatches. How can you invest so much time and love in to something and not be rewarded? However, she does not know YOU yet, and so you must give her the opportunity to learn all about you and your needs. Wait until you see her. Take her hand, and lead her to your warmth.
  11. You are in love with the egg? The shell, or whatever lies within? So far, you only know the shell. How can you want to marry it when you do not know the form of its' contents? How can you ask if she will STILL love you? Surely, inside her shell she is unaware of you, no? Unless, upon hatching, she realises what you have done for her. If this is the case, the moment she sets eyes on you, they will be fixed there forever.
  12. Fox20thc...think you hit the nail on the head!
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