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  1. Hi it's been 2 years since I was last pregnant and I can't remember how much scan photos are. I need a few for family so was just wondering. Thanks
  2. It's my 2nd year. I can't do an apprenticeship at the moment as that would be full time hours and I have 2 small children so being at college suits me better at the Monday . I've asked in loads but lots of places already have someone by now. I drive so don't mind where my placement is really shellbelle
  3. Hi I'm currently studying for my NVQ level 2 in hairdressing at Rotherham College. I need a day placement in a hairdressing salon as part of my course. I am available on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. I did have one but my salon decided to take on an apprentice instead. If you can help please pm me. Thank you
  4. Thanks mr pops. was it expensive to sort out? it's funny you should say that as I managed to find a garage who are going to recover the vehicle to their garage today to have a look and guy on the phone said it sounded like it was the crankshaft sensor.
  5. No not filled up at morrisons. MOT isn't due whilst feb. I know the other issues need sorting but just more concerned about the fuel issue. I didn't overfill with oil- previous owners did. Only found out about it on Friday. Guess I was just wondering if other scenic owners had had this problem and what the outcome was.
  6. Hi I have a 2000 X reg Renault Scenic 1.6 Alize sport. Last week whilst out it started spluttering and came to a standstill.there was a strong smell of petrol. luckily I know someone who knows a lot about cars so they came to help me and it turned out the fuel pipe had come loose so they fixed it back in. And has been ok for last couple of days but yesterday it started reaking of fuel again and was some leaking on the road. I came to go out in it last night and now it won't even start. tried again this morning and still won't start. I've checked under the bonnet ( pretty clueless ) but fuel pipe isn't loose so can't be that. I do know it's been overfilled with oil and needs an oil pump. could this be causing the issue? Any ideas what else it could be? As it can't be driven so can't get it to a garage at the moment. Fuel gauge says it's a quarter full so don't think it's out of fuel. Tried googling it and seems there are issues with fuel pumps and relays on this model. Only had it a month but it was a private sale sold as seen. I've been in touch with previous owner but they said it never had this problem and I have to say for past month has shown no signs of it. I do know it has other issues like a back box that needs replacing, new shock absorbers and 2 new back wheels as I had it checked over by a garage after I bought it but they never mentioned any issues petrol or fuel pump wise. Just concerned if this is a big issue coupled with other work that needs doing that it may be better to scrap it? Or sell as spares and repairs. Any advice appreciated especially on the fuel issue/reason for non starting.
  7. Hi I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my second child. I tried bf in hospital with my first daughter but went onto formula feed. This time I know I want to formula feed from the beginning and just wondered if jessops still provide bottles and formula or if I have to take mine own in? As I know when I was last in jessops they did but this was 3 years ago. I'm not wanting to start a debate on bf versus formula feeding- just a request for info. Thanks
  8. Hi thanks for the replies. I managed to find the box in my house in the end. I think sometimes people still but second hand as presents so perhaps still want the box?
  9. Hi I need an ipad box as selling my ipad and can't find the original as I've moved house since buying it. I know you can get them on eBay but wondered if there was anywhere else? Also if someone has an ipad box they no longer need please pm me. Ideally want a 4th gen box but any will do. will pay cash for it as know having it will increase sale value I can get for my ipad. Thanks
  10. Maranto's. It's on birley moor road where all shops are. I wanted to try it but haven't yet.
  11. Hi do you still have the doors? We have moved into a council property and would like to put our own door win so would be interested
  12. Hi No I meant as they are responsible for maintenance of property and repairs I wondered if they did fitting also. I know they aren't responsible for maintaining or repairing my cooker. All the appropriate fittings are there- I don't need anything putting in. I just wanted to check if this was a service they offered before I get a private electrician in Thanks for your reply
  13. Hi I've recently moved into a council property and had to buy a new free standing cooker as my previous property had a fitted one. Before I find an electrician I just wondered as council are usually responsible for repairs and maintenance etc if they would fit the electric cooker or as a tenant I have to get this done myself? Thanks
  14. Hi I want to do my NVQ level 2 in hairdressing and need a placement in a salon one day a week. Before I start ringing round I just wondered if any salon owners on here could offer me a placement? I can provide more info about myself so please pm me if you can help Thanks
  15. Hi would be every other Saturday thanks ---------- Post added 14-07-2013 at 21:15 ---------- Hi thanks ever so much for this info
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