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  1. Your totally reading that wrong !!!!it was a old man with his grandson in the car....he stopped in his range rover as a lady was laid in the road.....as he got out to help a man tried to steal the range rover with the grandson still in ...a van behind blocked the car in and the person trying to steal the car run over the old man who owned the range rover....Thats why there was alot of.police there......ps its the scam that alot of criminals are doing latly to pinch cars.
  2. 77 - 79 London Road. ..It's a new shop called .....Its party time fancy dress , it sells all new fancy dress items...big shop excellent customer service ....we was more than happy with the costumes we got last week. ..excellent quality aswell.....they have a Facebook group aswell if that helps. ---------- Post added 01-12-2015 at 18:45 ---------- http://itspartytimefancydress.co.uk/ just found there website.
  3. Manor boxing is sound mate...deffo reccomend the gym and trainers down there...you cant go wrong for a cheap local gym ...they will train your little one in the correct way ....as manorboxing says above...its all about fitness and disaplin ---------- Post added 12-09-2015 at 11:09 ---------- Manorboxing..."chris can you pm me your mobile number , a mate is wanting to call you about comeing down to the gym to train...cheers pal.....martin.......ps the number on the bottom of your forum page wasnt ringing through...not sure if you changed it mate. ---------- Post added 12-09-2015 at 11:51 ---------- ---------- Post added 12-09-2015 at 12:46 ---------- Ps mark will be ringing you.
  4. Neepsend motors @the bottom of Rutland rd.
  5. Jp body repairs at killarmarsh ....just down from the scuba diving place , he is at the rear of the whs car sales on the main road. He did my sons car last year ...very good and price was good to...tell him martin rodgers reccomended him to you .
  6. It was on crossland and locals haven't had to clear it away as i have been sent by my work to clear up all the glass , full windscreen and alot of melted plastic and more bits of car parts ?
  7. Not just the bin mens fault.....when its windy the bins are not designed correctly to start with ....how can something that is narrow at the bottom and fatter to the top ...ie top heavy at the top stand up to any slight wind....even more on slight hills etc ......and the blue boxes for carboard are shocking as well they should have a lockable lid not a flimzy cover that rots so the elastic wont hold the cover on . Im one of.the people that has to pick up all the litter and blue bins ...all the recyling bins need a re design to stop the problem....i work all over the south east side of sheffield trying to keep the estates clean and tidy and belive me the public cause more of the litter on estates than bin men do !
  8. Agreed cheapest i have ever found in sheffield.
  9. Some young xxxxhead has pulled a gun and let off shots at a bloke coming home from work for nothing.....frightened the poor bloke to death....idiots..
  10. The shops at halfway are by the side of the school on halfway centre......also at the side of the Double top pub ....i work on the south east side for the council housing on the estates, so i cover all the areas named ....reading with interest as i see all sides but enjoy the work i do on there !
  11. They are fantastic people and a company service , Michael fogg dealt with my friends funeral over a year ago ...his service was exceptional.
  12. Ahhh ok ..thanks for replying yourmove
  13. Neepsend motor factors at the bottom of rutland road are the cheapest around now I have been using them for yrs .
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