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  1. I run a 1987 Austin Montego 2.0HL, Moonraker Blue with a Flint grey Plain/Chalkstripe Velvet interior.
  2. Hi, Bought a fantastic suit in a closing-down sale about a year ago - a 'going out' suit rather than something I could wear frequently, and as I don't get out much I've had no cause to use it. Slipped the jacket on the other day, intending to wear it with jeans, and... I feel like I'm wearing a tent. Either I've lost a lot of weight or (I suspect) I was in a rush when I bought it and didn't bother trying the jacket on. Daft I know, but it's a bit late to worry about now. Despite the jacket being made for two of me, it's a lovely suit and I'd quite like it to fit. The trouser - I've checked - are fine - it was either made for Cartoon Book Hero man or someone put the wrong bits together. Basically, I want the jacket taking in round the chest and waist rather a lot - can anyone recommend a tailor in North Sheffield (pref. Chapeltown area) that are both good and not over-savage with my wallet? Cheers, Sam.
  3. Jennyjenjen, As another Huddersfield student I can't say I know of one, but if you find one please let me know. Sam.
  4. Is there anywhere in Sheffield - preferably the Chapeltown/Ecclesfield region - that sells bottled Samuel Smith's and/or Moorhouse's ales? Would be willing to go over to the other side of Sheffield if need be, but would prefer closer to home if possible. I fancy stocking up for Christmas, yet all attempts to find either in bottles have proved fruitless. One thought I have had (Can anyone with experience back me up/correct me) - could I order the Smith's via the Cow and Calf pub in Grenoside? Cheers for any help
  5. Isn't working properly despite a program repair and 2 machine restarts. Starting to wind me up a tad.
  6. my MSN keeps throwing "The message could not be delivered to all recipients" or "You have exceeded the maximum number of message per minute" (three) at me. Got bored so giving it a rest this evening.
  7. Erm, they were actually made of cotton waste. Lada are still prospering in Russia, and they still make a version of the original 1200/1600/Riva to this day.
  8. There's a third way. I drive an automatic because it's a car we already had in the family, I'm insured on it, and not in a financial position to run my own car yet. However, I have got lazy. I love driving, and as a weekend and summer toy I'd love something with a manual box. But for a daily driver I'd prefer an auto every time now. You have hit the nail on the head, good sir. I'm not saying I'm averse to a manual; if the right car came along I'd go for it. But given the choice I'd use an auto day-to-day.
  9. My lady friend Well, she's only 5'4"!
  10. The name rings a bell, thanks. Sadly, I can't put my dad on the policy to reduce it as he has a speeding conviction - thus increasing it... Might have to try my mother instead.
  11. Which insurance company were you with? I'm not specifically looking at things like Fs myself - my taste is somewhat more antiquated (and some say laughable) - but as you can understand any hints that could reduce premiums at my age are always worth exploring. EDIT: To give you an idea; the cheapest quote I can find on an F as a named driver if about £5900. Finding out who you were with could thus represent a considerable saving.
  12. That's still not an unreasonable quote; I'm a named driver on a Peugeot 306 and quotes for that have been in the £1800 region. I'm presuming the MG was your own policy?
  13. I'm a Austin Rover nut so I'm bound to say the MGF. However, the larger variants of the K series are known for head gasket issues, so take your time looking and try and find a car that's had it's HG recently replaced. The Mazda also is a good car, but if it were my money I'd pick the MG. Paranoid, how the heck did you afford to insure an MGF at 18? I'm 18 and struggling to get quotes on wheelbarrows of under 4 figures, let alone cars... If you could let me know (either here or by PM) who you were with, what ballpark your quote was in etc. I would appreciate it greatly.
  14. Bitter - if I can get it, Sam Smith's (If I go out of an evening it's to the Cow and Calf).
  15. I verily doff my cap to thee, o mistress of stupid incidents. Tell me more.
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