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  1. Anyone know what happened to miss kersop she was there from the early 80s right on till the late 90s i think. Also mr crick, anwell miss bathmaker. Was there when the new school opened in 1982
  2. Point 1. We all know should the Council fail to meet the government guidlines then no funding will be granted so really the Council are going all out for this. The recent readings will be high when Traffic is at a standstill due to the cycle lanes ....Why dont you take readings around Tinsley and Meadowhall where readings are higher? Will CAZ zones be introduced in certain 'hot spots' all over to 'help' clean the air. You still don't comment in emergancy Vehicles not being able to get through though. Point 2. Do you want me to produce to you photographic evidence from all over Sheffield where the roads have sunk, cracked and manhole covers have sunk? Shall I also show you the roads signs that were made out of such flimsy material that they are either bent, or missing. The work I have seen after a few years by Amey regarding the roads have been appalling, lets all remember SCC told us all they were taking their time to make sure the correct company got the contract.
  3. You may be correct but the other cities at least have found a way to let traffic flow. Ive seen an Ambulance trying to get through this traffic twice now and cars cant move out of the way! Meanwhile very few cycles, I dread to think how badly the person waiting on the medics could wait! Its causing more pollution with all the hold ups but maybe this is the Councils plan to have high readings to justify more traffic restrictions. I go all over the UK and SCC are probably the worse at organizing just about anything, all that time they spent choosing AMEY for the RAS and our roads are crumbling after a few years because the work is absolutely shocking.
  4. I'll wait to see what the end result will be like but I was staggered when I found out that the council has agreed to shrink westernbank in favour of widening the footpaths! This road was already busy, now with the roadwords its having a knock on effect all around that area resulting in gridlock every day. Like I say we'll have to wait to see the finished plan but I'm certainly not holding my breath.
  5. This is something like the third burst water main in as many years around this bit of Glossop Road, clearly whoever is doing the repair don't know what they are doing, this is the busiest part of Sheffield and at the moment it's a Joke.
  6. Crookes main road is a death trap, drivers swerving all over to avoid pot holes. Meanwhile Amey seem to think footpaths that don't require immediate attention should be the center of all their focus. Must admit, they (Amey) started off well but imo have drastically gone downhill, some of their recent work has been awful, a newly installed lampost falling over is one example. Get the main roads sorted amey!!
  7. I don't come on this forum much these days, partly because trolls like Kidley who when I last saw on here about two and a half years ago was having the EXACT same rant as he/she is doing now, wow! One of those articles was from February as well...wow! Council in checking Taxis shocker (lol)... they do it all the time for many many years, the Star is just filling the paper because it's full of non important news, with extremely poor journalist who look on forums like this to gather their stories. Oh and Kidley, it's their not there.
  8. As I've said, City will not let them because it is conflict of interest, and if your mates are that disgruntled about working for City then surely they'll be only too happy to switch over to Uber on a permanent basis? Taxidrivers do like to moan though, City might have tough guidelines for their drivers, personally I think this is a good thing, City have also invested a lot of money making sure they are bang up to date with all the latest technology to help their customers, and the feedback from them is usually positive.
  9. No City WILL let them go, they can try Uber out and return, but they will then have to join the waiting list like every other person wanting to join the firm. What City will not tolerate is a driver working for both, ie having a City radio whilst also working for Uber, this would be seen as conflicting and the driver will not be able to offer City his full service whilst taking Uber jobs. I don't see an issue with that myself, and doesn't really matter if they are self employed, there are rules within the company.
  10. Just to clarify some of the inaccurate quotes on here, City did buy out Mercury partly because of the threat by Uber and the fact the owners at Mercury wanted out and took up the offer. Another thing, drivers aren't being held to ransom at CityTaxis, they can go to Uber and try them out and if it doesn't work out they will be allowed to come back, but will have to join the waiting list (if there is one). Drivers who go to Uber and still use a City radio if caught will not be allowed to work for City again, seems fair to me. Uber are a totally different ball game, I do mainly airports and a dutch guy I spoke to the other day said they have been kicked out of Holland because of some irregularities, same in Spain and Germany (i think) Will they survive in England? who knows but the London cabbies are putting up quite a fight. Time will tell.
  11. This may sound horrible but people like you who sit in their little bubble and jesture are just as bad, rough with the smooth mate, at your age why let it bother you anyway?
  12. So true, I know a couple that couldn't wait to move away from Walkley, ended up moving near Shirecliffe and they said it's loads better. Good and bad in every area, and you also get what you pay for, but decent areas are always targeted by the scrotes as well.
  13. I've been on a few AI, and tbf they were great, I did however did my home work via Trip Adviser to make sure they all had decent standards. If you have kids It's a no brainer imo.
  14. What has that got to do with this thread? :hihi: I thought you called your mum anyway?
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