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  1. Oh, Chris...don't cry. You just have to admit that i am far more better....hehe... Thanks, Jaap...only if there is any help from you 20 miles away.
  2. POOK - are you Chris? I am not afraid of Red team, I have my yellow team back me up !! And, i have several new nicknames now, Ms. Rambo, Terminator.....so I am sure Yellow can beat Red in badminton!! Come on, Yellow...
  3. Hi Jaap, although u r sitting next to me NOW, but can u sign me, Avin & Che up for Tuesday. Thx
  4. Hi Jaap, Please count Viv & Avin for next Tuesday. thanks
  5. Hi Jaap, viv & Avin for Tuesday pls. Thx
  6. Hi Jaap, pls count Viv and Steve.S for Tuesday. thanks.
  7. Hi Jaap, Viv and Steve.S for next Tuesday please. thanks.
  8. ah, just realised Ana and Peter have already signed up. Viv
  9. Hi Jaap, pls count Viv, Steve, Ana and Peter for tonight. thanks!
  10. Hi Jaap, Pls count Steve.S, Ana and Peter for tomorrow. thanks!
  11. Hi Jaap, hope is not late. Pls count Viv and Steve for tonight. thanks!
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