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  1. Yes it's nothing to do with an employer. Its for a US background check, I used to live there.
  2. Hi I need a set of fingerprints (preferably by LiveScan) taken for a background check. I got an inked set done from a local police station but they weren't clear enough. I need them doing in the next 2 days so preferably somewhere they allows walk-ins. Anywhere other than another police station? Thanks
  3. Just wondering what the 'going rate' for a Charicaturist is? I am having a party and thought having one might be a cool idea.
  4. Does anyone know of a venue that offers free room hire in Chesterfield? It's for a charity ball and would need room for a band!
  5. I was just about to post this. If you think it's yours maybe get someone else to go and look cos it wasn't too pretty to see, specially if it's a loved family pet
  6. i went yesterday, i booked on megabus.com, but actually went visa train (megatrain) and it was 25 pounds return from st pancras!
  7. mine have arrived from ticketmaster, ive got 2 tickets in hand for the oasis gig on thursday 4th june, i cant go anymore, selling them at face value if anyones interested?
  8. I did want to help but I was only about 16-17 at the time and didn't feel I could take on a fully grown man!! One of the blokes who went to help, his friend phoned the police so I hope it got sorted out pretty quickly, was scary though it was liike this bloke didn't care anyone could see him, he was giving her a right going oer
  9. Its a good idea in principle but surely these knife arches would be better placed in clubs etc
  10. I read a article in the star today and it reminded me of something that happened a couple of years back. I was walking up fargate about 2am ish and there was this man kicking 7 bells out of this woman by a phone box. She had blood on her face and I was about to go over to stop him when my mate pulled me away and we carried on. Just up the road was a couple of men and I told them what was happening and they ran down to stop him. I've always wondered what happened after that, and I feel guilty I didn't do anything personally. What would you have done?
  11. I live within the Sharrowvale Parking Permit scheme which I resent having to pay to park outside my own house anyway, but that aside I have recieved 8 parking tickets since the scheme started!! I got a new car a few months into it and the day I bought I parked on the street with the intention of ringing parking services to get a new permit with the new reg number but I didn't do it quick enough and got a ticket that day, fair enough and I paid it. While I was waiting for the permit I got another ticket, which I challenged and it was cancelled. then I got another car as a stop gap while my other one was off the road for a while so had to get another permit at the cost of a fiver again. I rang parking services and was told to put a notice in the windscreen saying my permit was pending. So I did but got another ticket that day. And then in the 5 days that followed that I got 4 more!!! I challenged all 5 parking tickets and 4 was cancelled but 1 wasn't so that was a cost of £25 which I paid, BEGRUDGINGLY, and then got a letter a week or so later saying that I hadn't paid the fine so it had now gone up to £50!! so i had to challenge the challenge lol and eventually they agreed I had paid the £25 even though I didn't deserve it in the first place, as I have paid for a permit ever since the scheme was introduced!! And then this morning I have got a ticket for parking in a disabled bay!! The ground is covered in snow and I didn't know you couldn't park there cos you can't see the markings but I guess I don't have a leg to stand on there so will prob have to pay it. Last but not least my permit expired yesterday, I sent my renewal off a while ago but not got one back yet, I bet I'll have another ticket tomorrow for having an out of date permit!! Sheffield city council will be making their living off me!!!!!!
  12. Hi, I know this thread is quite old but I was wondering what the service charges at Regents Court currently are? I believe that includes heating and water though. Any more information on the flats would be appreciated too, ta!
  13. Think I might have a bash at this next month!
  14. Wow thanks for your comments guys. Love to hear positive feedback and tips to improve are always welcome. I will try and put some more up as I take them.
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