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  1. Mediation isn't free. You're charged by the hour. . . .and it's not cheap !
  2. Thanks for that. It's not for me personally but my friend, he's having a hard time getting to see his son (that's what i meant by contact, sorry, wasn't very specific in my original post). He's been through a solicitor and it was the mother's solicitor that suggested the mediation. My friend is trying everything he can but is getting nowhere fast! He's more than willing to talk and co-operate but the mother wants everything her own way and it being very obstructive towards any attempts he makes to resolve this. Basically, the recent meeting he had was a waste of time and money to be honest, and as you say, the mediation provides no legal back up to whatever is discussed or agreed. I was hoping someone might tell me that they had had a good experience through these people. . . . . . think I was hoping too much. I appreciate your comments in your post. Thanks.
  3. Have any of you used, or know someone who has used, the services of Focus Mediation in Sheffield? Been involved with them recently over a contact issue and would be interested to hear any good/bad experiences or opinions about them. Thanks.
  4. I'm looking to buy a used Honda Civic and wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere in Sheffield please? Seen a few around but have no knowledge of the car companies selling them. Want somewhere reliable and someone I can trust. I've found a company called AM Motors in Doncaster (they specialise in Honda, VW and Audi) - have any of you got any experience of this company - good or bad. Thanks in advance.
  5. I did the course you mention a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed it! Teaches you a lot about yourself and how you deal with things. I found the techniques, especially the listening skills that were covered came in really useful when I applied to do voluntary work (there was a course to complete before starting the vol work). Picked up some very useful skills that even if you don't use them to get you a job in that area, they were still useful in everyday life. It's only 10 weeks so you don't get too bogged down. It's a good course to ease yourself into counselling.
  6. I've been going to Preemo, just off Bradfield Rd, Hillsborough for about 18 months now. Never had any problems. I have tips with silk wraps on for about £20 - £25, look really natural and last well (if you look after them). Staff there are lovely and always do a good job.
  7. Has anyone had any experience of Yorkshire Trade Kitchens, based at Handsworth?? Good or bad. Thanks.
  8. Species of animal to be rehomed - 2 female guinea pigs, just over 2 years old. Rehome or Sale? Re-home Reason for Rehome / Sale Job and home change Sale Amount - Free - Large cage and accessories are included. (Water bottle, bedding, food, small vets carry case) Location - Hillsborough - I can deliver though. Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes. They're a bit wriggly when going to pick them up, but once you're handling them, they're fine. Age & Sex Females - approx 2 years old Breed/ Mix Not known Colour/coat type One short haired - ginger,black and brown, the other is white and black and has a slightly longer coat. Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes, but they're a bit wriggly at first. They only nibble gently on your fingers if they think you're going to feed them. Live in / out - Inside Neutered/spayed - Not known Chipped - No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - No problems Temperament - Both are shy at first but get to know you easily and are quite playful. Vaccinated & Wormed - N/A Any special knowledge needed - No General Information you can share - I'm reluctanly putting the girls up for re-homing due to my job changing and having to move home. I can't spend the amount of time on them they need. Although they have each other for company, I'm out at work for long periods. They're very lively piggies and get on very well together. They've only lived with each other, they were in the same cage in the pet shop I bought them from but they're not from the same litter. One is a few weeks older than the other. Due to my personal circumstance changing, I don't think it's fair that the piggies should suffer. I would like to find them a lovely home where they'll get lots of love and attention.
  9. i don't normally post on here, just nosey at what others are saying. I felt after reading your initial post, and the comments you got, I needed to say something. I think I've hit that wall a few times but have always managed to 'soldier on'. It's only when I've looked back that I realised that I've got through these times but not always been sure how I've done it. I've had death, bad relationship break ups, friends problems and of course work and money stuff. I like to think that by having good friends, close family and a positive outlook I've managed to get through. People always comment on how happy I look and how I'm always laughing, (even when I've felt so low inside),it makes me think that this is the best way to be. Whatever life throws at you, you have to carry on and if you can, keep smiling and laughing. Things do get better no matter how rubbish you feel at the time it's all happening.
  10. This is the first time ever I've lived on my own. It's a bit weird sometimes having no one to come home to or cook for or look after. Sometimes it's nice cos I can please myself what I do but that does soon become boring. I miss having someone to chat to or watch a good programme with and have a laugh.
  11. Thanks to you all for your help and advice. I feel a bit better now. I stopped using sawdust in their home as I'd read about the problems they can have with their eyes. They have a massive cage and plenty of hay to eat and burrow in. Think I'll try Peaches suggestion of not using a bowl for the food, let them do the work of finding it! Thanks again.
  12. I have 2 female guinea pigs who are nearly a year old. They are lively and noisy enough and look really healthy. One thing that worries me is that they appear to not be able to see very well. They're quite timid when you go to pick them up but once on your knee they will sit and be stroked and make happy noises. They seem to sniff out their food rather than look for it and are quite jumpy if you don't approach them carefully. They were checked by a vet a few months ago and she said they were very healthy, however I've noticed more and more of late that they don't appear to be able to see well. Any of you out there with experience of piggies got any advice please?
  13. Have a look here: http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/yourrights/equalityanddiscrimination/Disability/Pages/Makingreasonableadjustments.aspx Basically, employers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for staff with disabilities. Only an Employment Tribunal can decide if someone is definitely covered by the DDA but any sensible employer would always err on the side of caution and make adjusments for anyone who considers themselves to fit in with the definition of disability. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (where the link is from) are very useful. Have a look through their site and contact them if necessary. What your wife's employer won't want to happen it for her to take them to an Employment Tribunal. The bigger/more well known the organisation is, the less excuse they have for not making any adjustments. This wouldn't go down well at all at a Tribunal. I'm saying all this with the back up of 8 years experience working in a very large organisation in HR and the Disability Support sections. Reasonable adjustments are my speciality!! Hope you get it sorted.
  14. Thanks but it's privately owned house and there's far too much for me to list.
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