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  1. Over the last 6 months or so they have all come up for sale, i drive past There every day and have done for 14 years and barely seen one house for sale let alone 7...seems odd
  2. Hello, I was thinking about viewing a house in hollow meadows but am suspicious as to why they have all come up for sale? Is there some planning for a new development or road Does anybody know...?
  3. Completely disagree!!! I drive on the snake pass everyday and it really winds me up, the people who turn the fog light on just because its dark!!! (people like you I presume) if the spray from tyres is distracting you, you're too close to the person in front:rant:
  4. NO! I'd have one in my back garden if it meant better signal:thumbsup:
  5. yes tried re-booting and no joy. I'm in crosspool also, must be all networks here, rubbish!
  6. from about one week ago neither me or my wife have phone signal in our house, very frustrating. I'm with EE she is with orange. Anyone else with the same problem? We live in S10.
  7. Yes, have a friend who moved there 5 years ago and cant wait to leave, had trouble with kids, broke into his house and car. I've never lived there but he hates it!
  8. I hope that long delay didn't stress you out too much:D
  9. I drive that way every day also , doesn't bother me either:hihi:
  10. Thanks for the useful suggestions guys, I'll look them all up!
  11. can anyone recommend where to buy a gas fire from and install?
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