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  1. Good evening everyone, we are just in the processing of creating a large storage space for classic vehicles and are trying to assess the demand before we complete the renovation of the showroom. We plan to be up and running by the end of July and will have space for up to 12 cars and designated areas for parts/shells/chassis -with a post lift, trickle charging facility, excellent security (CCTV) and 24-hour access available. The storage facility is close to Meadowhall and is situated next to a working garage and a bodyshop. We'll be showing several interested parties around this Saturday, feel free to give me a call with any questions or enquiries. Thanks, Sean 07798 575 121
  2. Can anyone offer any experiences of recording at any of the various studios in Sheffield?
  3. How about the original Clash of the Titans -some of the monsters in that look like they have been made by nursery school kids.
  4. Saw the Fun Lovin' Criminals at The Octagon back in 2002ish -they were immense.
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