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  1. I do run on the mineral line (a lot!!) and have used it for intervals before but I just find it easier to do speed work on the track, knowing exactly how far you've run without always glancing at your watch. I'll probably go check out Herringthorpe at some point, if it's not available I'll stick to visiting Woodbourn Road in my lunch breaks at work!
  2. Does anyone know if the Herringthorpe Stadium running track is still available for use? I've heard conflicting stories about whether it is still open or has ended up with the same fate as Don Valley. Looking for somewhere local to me to do interval training without driving all the way to Woodbourn Road.
  3. Might as well just sit in the comfy office and pay the full booking fee then! Thanks
  4. Just wondering if anyone can help me with this one, I know that it used to be the case if you called in at the Arena box office with cash you didn't get charged the booking fee. Is that still the case? Just looking online and want to avoid the fees if I can but don't know if they have stopped this little loophole - don't want to waste cash on fuel driving to the Arena (or energy walking there!) and still have to pay the fees. Thanks!
  5. We are going away for 2 weeks in January, previously we have left my nephew on housesitting duty so the cats have always been OK but he has now moved to China so is unavailable! Basically, we have a cat flap so our cats just do what they like and are used to having the freedom to come and go as they please. It seems most catteries just keep cats shut inside which while I can appreciate is more convenient and probably safer, I don't think my cats would be happy with 2 weeks of this. Just wondering if anyone knows of any catteries which keep the cats in a place which allows them to safely go outside at all? We live in Thurcroft so would prefer somewhere on this side of Shefield but willing to travel if people have good recommendations! Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies, I am currently on holiday in Italy but have got more than enough info from this thread, thanks very much! Will be in touch with people in due course.
  7. The gas safety certificate is due on our rental property at the end of this month. Is anyone available to do this please? Unfortunately I cannot get hold of the guy who did it last year for £30 and our rental agents want £85 + vat to do it! Please send me a PM if you can do this in the last week of July. The house is in S2.
  8. I've just bought a cat flap and thought it would be a fairly straight forward job to fit it as just assumed my front door was made of wood. However, now I've had a proper look at it and researched a bit online I'm pretty sure it's composite. Does this make it more difficult or is it just the same procedure? Only thing I'm slightly concerned about is the door isn't flat, it's panelled so will probably have to fit to one side and fill in a few gaps with silicon. Also I've had a look round the estate and despite there being loads of cats, I can't see one house with the same style of door as mine with a cat flap in which concerns me a bit! I will probably have a go myself but don't suppose anyone knows of someone who could fit this as I am a bit useless at DIY. I live out in Thurcroft so any recommendations for a joiner/builder/handyman would be great.
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread but I'm also looking for someone to sort a dent on my wife's car, but as I live in Thurcroft now would prefer somewhere in the south of Sheffield or Rotherham. Any recommendations? We work on the Business Park near the old airport if there's anywhere near there. It's a dent and scratched paint on the rear wing of an Alfa Mito, I've got photos if anyone fancies giving me a quote. Cheers!
  10. This place is quite nice, about an hour and a half's drive away near Richmond in North Yorkshire. Went loads of times when I was younger. http://www.flowerydell-lodges.com/
  11. Thanks for the replies, they have told me they have tried lubricating the lock and it still won't budge. I was hoping to take a back seat from the whole landlord thing which is why we pay an agent, I guess that's why you end up paying a premium but still seems a lot. I am also rubbish at DIY so I'd probably do more harm than good! I don't mind paying the £192, was just wondering if it seemed reasonable and if anyone had recommendations, so will give Harrolds and a few others a call, thanks :-)
  12. Its just a normal wooden front door, and the lock is a 5 lever sash lock apparently. I also think it sounds expensive, I think they are saying it's the fact they need to cut the old one as its stuck shut is the reason it's that much.
  13. We rent out a house and the agents have told us that the front door lock on it is broken and needs replacing, apparently it is locked shut and can't be opened. The rental agents have quoted us £192 for one of their contractors to do the work, this includes cutting the old lock in order to remove it, and fitting a new one. This seems a bit steep to me, but not really got any idea about it so just wondering if this seems alright, and if not any recommendations for someone to do the work? Thanks!
  14. Bought 8 boxes of the kitten food while it was on offer, 6 in jelly and 2 in gravy. Guess what, Buzz and Woody don't like the jelly ones! Oh well, Thornberry Animal Sanctuary will be getting what they haven't eaten so some good will come out of it
  15. I've just moved out to Thurcroft and thinking about playing Sunday football again, does anyone know of any teams out this way looking for players? I play in goal but not averse to playing outfield. Also, are there any 5 a side leagues nearby that anyone knows about, as it's a bit of a trek driving into Sheffield to play at Goals and Goodwin so looking for something a bit closer.
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