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  1. My one comment about the whole thing: Same old liverpool fans unfortunately! Buy into that as you will ... but its 'never their fault is it'
  2. I agree with Plek - compared with Barcelona, you tell me why Eto'o - one of the worlds best strikers should sign for liverpool - please make them good as well! For starters, you are nowhere near winning the premiership year after year, sometimes you make it into the final of the CL - but ultimately, you are looking at the domestic cups for trophyware arent you really.. why should he choose your lot? Tevez- quite possibly, as Mascherano is his best mate, but then again - didnt Tevez come out and say he wants to play and I quote 'for a big european club' and Real Madrid are sniffing around him so I hear! I heard on the grapevine - that Liverpool's new 'owners' are a lot like the glaziers for us - so I really doubt you will have bucketloads of cash to throw about the place .. time will tell however.
  3. Well.. my honest opinion.. I thought it was crap! The 2nd one and the third one have been getting steadily worse now since they came out and have ruined for me what was a brilliant first film. I dont think its as much family orientated viewing as the first one was now as well - especially with the first 10mins in the 3rd film with the hangings. The plot was going all over the shop in the 3rd film and it confused me a lot and frankly bored me, with what was going on in davy jones locker when Jack was on his own.
  4. Should just be able to FTP up the site to 123 reg I would think
  5. Because 9 times out of 10 - like I have found now on 4 occasions, the bank WONT put it right, even in the face of a customer who has told them they will lose in court if they try and fight it... the charges are unfair and over the top - the banks know it.. its the consumers right to reclaim their cash. Like I have done. Banks dont listen, its the same as other major companies who dont care - they do care however when a claim is made against them legally though And this is coming from someone who works for Lloyds TSB as well so I know their policy on 'charges' and 'refunds'
  6. You have a 3gb cap dont you for bandwith/downloading so I have been told by Virgin Media themselves... so there is a limit.
  7. I'm listening to the same excuses come out about all of this - they left their kids, in a hotel room, while they went for food - FACT! I cannot believe, people in this day and age think this is OK? Un-bloody-leivable How old were the two youngest one's again? And they were being watched over and protected by a 3 year old were they? Sorry.. Neglect screams from every corner for me.
  8. Calm down dear - the lad was only joking with you If I was to pick one though at the moment - I would go with the XBOX 360
  9. Thats because your a good responsible parent, whereas the McCann parents are not Good on you by the way - dont listen to the idiots on here who say that its ok to leave a child, because I dont buy into it as well.
  10. I have the I Dont Want To Stop song - pretty damn good if you ask me Havent listened to the rest of the album yet though
  11. You gotta love the t-shirt - you've got have to have big steel balls to wear that thing LOL
  12. Fella - who the red devil is KVH? Do you mean - Klaas Jan Huntelaar by any chance? Unless there is another Huntelaar at Ajax that I havent seen??
  13. Kaka's comments from last night: http://www.acmilan-online.com - Check out the news section, a few articles down. Oops.. even he thinks the 'pool final win last time was a fluke I rest my case your honour
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