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  1. I'll second this. I've had plenty of stuff from this guy...
  2. http://www.surplusandadventure.com/index.html http://www.arktisltd.co.uk/index1.htm http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/military/index.htm
  3. It's not Azo that now does the market research in town. I havn't seen him for a few years now, come to think of him. I was in the same year as him at City, and would hope that the big daft lad is still knocking around somewhere, dwarf or no dwarf....
  4. "Asians" as in Indians and Pakistanis, or Asians as in Indonesians, Malays, Japanese and Chinese etc? Don't forget Sheffield is a HUGE English language learning centre (Or so I was told a couple of years back). I used to work near West Street, and every September and October, it used to be heaving with students from Asia! Many of these students have loads of cash, which can only be good for Sheffield (or good for those shopkeepers at Meadowhell )
  5. Maybe the residents of Darnall dont want to get on a packed 52, squeeze our way round Asda and then get on another packed 52 bus... I've heard that Aldi, Lidl, Iceland, the Co-Op AND Tescos are moving in there, so take your pick!!!!
  6. And what about us that live the other side of town? Why arn't we allowed to have a more frequent bus service? We already have the worlds worst service on Prince of Wales Road (the 7), and buses to Meadowhall are just as bad.....
  7. Uninstall it, and download the latest version, and try it again. You may have a knackered download. If it STILL does, it, then I'm lost....
  8. HI Venger. Its not a problem with your machine. The problem lies with the game itself. Its a well know issue, that appeared in version 2.1 The AA community has been going mental about it for a few months!! Version 2.2 has just been released, and seems to have cured it to a large extent, although the problem still exists. Check out http://www.americasarmy.com/ and have a good look at the forums on there. There's one bsquillion threads about it! For a free game, it's VERY good. I advise anyone with a passing interest in first person shooters and a broadband connection to check it out. Its a 650 odd meg download, so if you're on dial up, try and borrow someone elses CD! I've been playing since version 1.9, and play EVERY night! Theres nothing quite like shooting someone you know is French
  9. Did any other board members go and see the Hives @ the Octagon on Saturday night 27/09 they were fantastic
  10. The main office building on the front of POW Road was refitted and turned into a "call centre & office opportunity". Aprroximately 8 months after completion, its still empty
  11. Legal limits are a very grey area. Work on the assumption that 300fps is the TOP whack limit for the UK, and you wont end up in nick! Youd be surprised WHAT Customs will check out. One airsoft retailer had his entire shipment from Hong Kong seized last year....
  12. Be aware J-Blaze, the RAP 4 thingy would be illegal also over here. 400+fps is a BIG no no in the UK....
  13. Probably why hes trying to sell it! Now if it was an AIRSOFT minigun, that'd be perfectly legal
  14. Thats a major reason that most sites wont allow "BYO" paint, but another is, the site doesn't know how the paint has been stored. You only need one numpty to have kept the paintballs in his freezer, and there's gonna be two dozen dead and dying players on the field!! (I've actually seen frozen paintballs in use. They were taking bark off an oak tree at 50 yards )
  15. Hi there. Have you rung us yet? >> http://www.dangerzoneuk.co.uk/main.html I'm a marshal up there, and while we do run proper "walk on" days once every month, we also cater for bring your own guns on a "normal" customer day. Give Chris a ring. You'll find the number on the website above. Be VERY careful about playing "in some woods". Have a search on the net for the LAW regarding firearms and private property. I'm sure you don't want to end up doing a five stretch for playing somewhere you shouldn't
  16. Nah, twas only a Tornado. It flew over our house at Darnall last night, heading roughly NE to SW. Seemed pretty low to me. As for the "black" Chinook helicopters, I saw one of them late last year doing long slow lazy circles over Handsworth. Apparently they arn't black, but the colour scheme the RAF uses just makes em seem so from a bit of a distance, if viewed from the ground...
  17. After checking out your location, I know where I'd rather be working
  18. My God! How have we survived without one of THESE? I bet they'd be queuing three deep to get in one of these shops....
  19. I've bought all my tropicals from Middletons in town. The shop itself isn't much to look at, but all my fish bar one Tetra have survived so far!
  20. Give Chris a ring! He doesn't have a firing range, but he'll let you have a feel of anything he has in the shop (OO-er!)
  21. Hi guys. I'm a marshall up at the Sheffield site. The site is actually called The Danger Zone. Heres the website: http://www.dangerzoneuk.co.uk/ I'm pleased you like us better than Bawtry. I've never played there, but feedback we get at the site here is that Bawtry, while "looking" better, tend to be be less customer orientated. (Hey, i'm being diplomatic here. YOU know what I'm trying to say ) If you fancy coming up to the site, have a gander at the website, or check us out in the Yellow Pages. Theres also the shop at Holme Lane, Malin Bridge if you want to pop in and see Chris the owner. I'd recommend ringing him first though. 0114 2852477. See you all up there! PS, if anyone would like to know more about Airsofting, drop me a line, and I'll chuck you a load of links... PPS... Airsoft kicks paintballs ass
  22. Don't forget those stairs that were almost VERTICAL! Very handy after 5 pints of snakebite.... (I was only about 16 when I started frequented "Rebs", so five was my absolute limit!) Loved the place, even the sticky carpets and slippy dancefloor. Just like being in the Wapentake, but upstairs rather than down
  23. Intake Juniors in the mid 70's had: Sheaf - Red Don - Blue Porter - Yellow Rivelin - Green. Up till about 5 years ago, I still had my little blue Don badge too!
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