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  1. Sounds like someones been caught speeding recently....
  2. A pair of parakeets flew noisily over me yesterday morning in Darnall. Heading towards the Bowden Housteads woods. I'll have to keep an eye and an ear open for them this winter.
  3. Try ringing the University/Student Union, or any of the local branches of the trade unions (GMB, UNISON, Unite etc)
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/recognising-the-terrorist-threat/recognising-the-terrorist-threat https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/stay-safe-film Official advice from the Home Office. Basically: Leg it or hide
  5. Maybe they possibly didn't hang around after shooting someones house, and maybe, moved?
  6. Apart from if they use their mobile, maybe?
  7. Cab 63 on Prince of Wales Road outside Davys Social Club has gone live and is accepting orders. Which is nice.
  8. Chill Mr Xiaomi. To the average person, it's a GoPro copy.
  9. There's a few on Amazon like the the Xiaomi http://www.amazon.co.uk/Xiaomi-Yi-Action-Ambarella-Bluetooth/dp/B00UFC48B0/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1457094839&sr=8-9&keywords=xiaomi which is a Chinese GoPro copy from a decent manufacturer if you don't mind waiting for delivery, theres loads of cheaper GoPro copies to be had from places like http://www.banggood.com and http://www.gearbest.com
  10. No wonder I can never get online if you're downloading the Internet on your phone ffs...
  11. Whats this about attacks on Friday, Anne? Sorry, I just got that you meant the attacks in Paris....
  12. Anyone connected to Attercliffe "gone live" yet with a new fibre install? My cab is in the process now of being renewed, and I think it's one of the last, so hopefully won't be too long before everyone is up and running.
  13. Its the one where the two lads got shot (one fatally)on Derek Dooley Way near the Capita building. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/shocked-couple-witnessed-masked-gunman-carry-out-derek-dooley-way-murder-1-7523410 The trial has been going on for a couple of weeks now. There's usually a thread about the convoy every day
  14. My cab has received its upgrade orders on roadworks.org this morning. Prince of Wales Road, outside Davys Social club, so that's Bowden Wood covered by that one and the top left half of Prince up to the Parkway.
  15. I'd be more surprised if the CIA/MI6/FBI etc COULDN'T hack your phones in this manner...
  16. http://roadworks.org/ Have a look on there to see if Virgin have applied for any roadworks in your area.
  17. The BT Openreach site checker has now got Attercliffe down as "Coming Soon" (ie in the next six months) Its happening!
  18. 7meg? You poor lamb Try 3.6 on a good day if the stars align and the wind is from the South Attercliffe is down for an upgrade between Jan and March next year, but maybe BT/Openreach are doing preliminary work now. Heck, they may even be AHEAD of schedule!
  19. I may be WILDLY wrong here, but I think the new ones have to be wired differently to the old ones, which is why any being replaced that are not in a new lamp area get the orange ones. (I may have dreamed all the above, so don't take it as gospel!)
  20. I wonder if I could use that excuse to get a few weeks off work. After all, we had a fire drill last week. What are "they" not telling us? What does "the man" know? Where's Edward Snowden and Assange when we need them??
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