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  1. John Dyson is my uncle. I will mention your post to him! ---------- Post added 13-05-2017 at 14:29 ---------- Re Dr Wille.. I seem to remember he had about 6 children of his own & another 6 adopted ones?
  2. Oh well thank you, Supertramp and vague_boy - what helpful posts. Do you know, I had forgotten why I stopped using this forum for quite a while, there are quite a few of you "wits" out there - ho ho, HIGHLY entertaining - NOT. I had intended this to be a useful and fun post for anyone else planning their Christmas shopping, anyone with a life, that is, who has friends and family to buy for.. Rude know-it-alls.. dontcha just love 'em?
  3. As we're (eeek) getting ever closer to Dec and the Festering Season, I thought it might be useful to slag off any underperforming shop websites, so we don't ALL end up raging, like I was this morning. Trying to order an XBox game for my laddie on Argos.. I used to love Argos, never had any problems. Lately? aarrgghh.. I completed all my details, including debit card number, and clicked on next. It popped back up with pink wording at the top to remind me to complete all details. I had.. did it again, it swiped my number but still wouldn't let me move on. And again.. etc., so I phoned customer services. They guy there "didn't know why it was doing that" and put me through to sales. Explained again to the woman on there, she asked if I wanted to order over the phone.. yes, ok.. So off we went again, gave her all the numbers & passwords (for argos) - twice.. had to spell them all out. "That game is only online", she said. So she tried to log in as me, to order it online from that end. It wouldn't let her in.. she was apologetic, I was incandescent, as this has happened before. Gnash.. Changed my email address and re-registered with Argos. Ordered again. Same thing happened again (this is now taking all my morning up.) I eventually ordered from Game, £2 more, but by that time I'd have possibly paid £100 more just to get the hell off the pc.. it's a wonder it didn't go through the window. No point trying to speak to a manager at Argos, btw - they pick the phone up and put it down again.. Yes, I COULD have ordered from amazon, but why is it taking them so LONG lately just to deliver a game or dvd? That drives me batty when you've a child waiting for said game.. Or, there's play.com.. the baby toy I ordered for my grand-daughter, and when delivered, her parents opened it and found a big (hopefully toy) GUN? Left them a couple of years before I tried again, for something else, this time, they emailed me and said my bank had declined the order. Cross! Rang bank to find out why. They hadn't! Play.com had never asked them for the cash! Who would you recommend, and who would you never use again?
  4. Has no-one mentioned braunging? ---------- Post added 17-06-2013 at 00:21 ---------- Oh and further to another post, I thought when my mum and nan were talking, when I was little, that Sue Icide was a person.. same as Emley Moor.. ---------- Post added 17-06-2013 at 00:23 ---------- And also.. my late husband used to say I'd made "clock cold" up.. as in "me tea's gone clock cowd" - but he was a foreigner, from Derbyshire.
  5. Thanks all, some good stuff! The only thing is.. I can't use the pc because of the blue screen thing.. any way around that? Oh and daughter corrected me, it's windows 7 that is on hers! ---------- Post added 04-04-2013 at 15:24 ---------- Oh, and thanks for the offers to bring the pc for repair, but we're not in Sheff now..
  6. My daughter's pc has a blue screen.. graphics card, we reckoned. It's gone for repair, BUT, because our previous guy took the awful Vista off it, and put Windows 8 on, there's nothing to restore it, and we can't find any original disks.. is all lost? We've been told it would be £100 for a new disk alone.. The original guy has moved on, so can't get in touch with him, so would we be better just cutting our losses and getting new? If so, which? The cheaper the better, obviously, but on the other hand, it needs to be able to do what teenagers do on there, loads of downloading, etc.. obviously we still have monitor, keyboard etc from the current pc.. Hoping someone out there who KNOWS about such things can advise! Thanks.
  7. Is anyone else having trouble with it? Seems to have been full of glitches for the past couple of days, and of course the "contact us" isn't working, and I'm not ringing an 0870 number to let them know.. Have to go without a sale, then, won't they? Humph.
  8. I've often found that strangers are amazingly kind and helpful too. Of course, I've been s**t on plenty too, lol, but when strangers help out, it's for no other reason than they are really lovely people. They don't know me, so have no reason to bend over backwards to help, other than they want to. I thank God every day for people like that!
  9. Why would Chezzfaye regret disowning someone? You can only take so much of being let down.
  10. Oh my goodness, that's an even bigger drop.. poor you. I read somewhere that there's pretty much no difference to a patient being treated with 40mg, and one on a higher dose.. well, we'll see, won't we? Just as you find something that REALLY suits you, along comes this new research.. I wish they hadn't bothered! Are you bipolar? (Don't answer that if you prefer not to) just wondered, as it's more usual for psychs to prescribe mood stabilisers, but having friends who are on these, and always having to adjust dosages, and put up with awful side effects, I refused them. I'd rather take responsibility for the meds I take - we know how they make us feel, not the docs - and was happy enough on 60mg citalopram..
  11. Vinnie Jones.. he has very nice eyes, close up.. Derek Acorah.. very nice & his suits are gorgeous!
  12. Good thread. I have to reduce Citalopram as I'm on 60mg, and have been for years (mild bi-polar) and new guidelines warn against heart irregularities at a high dose, so I have to reduce to 40mg - in a month.. NOT very happy about it. Doctor's orders. They are the meds that suit me best, I've had Valium, Librium, Ativan etc etc over the years. My GP has offered Lithium if 40mg of Citalopram isn't enough.. not a chance! I'd rather have nothing. Has anyone else had to reduce by 20mg?
  13. Just said a little prayer for you all.. I had lots of problems over the years, won't bore you with the details, just sympathising because I know where you're coming from. All eventually worked out for me. I do hope everything settles down and you and your wife are able to enjoy the pregnancy instead of being terrified at every symptom.. God Bless. xxx
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