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  1. Thanks everyone for you input so far..i wanted to do multi quote's to responces but couldn't work out how to do it..sorry folks!.. Even I know Super Mario so will check those suggestions out Re the cost of disabled products...sometimes I really can't get my head round why they cost so much..it makes me angry but I guess the manufactures know you will pay because you don't have other options, especially as a parent you just want your kids to have a decent quality of life no matter how old they are!
  2. Thats great, thank you..i have been searching for info like this..i couldn't believe that disabled folk could be excluded from gaming.
  3. Didn't know whether to post on here or general forum but looking for some help on Wii Games. My lad lost the use of his left arm last year after a brain injury..he's always loved his games consoles but unable to operate the controllers with only one hand. Last week we bought a Wii as he had been using one in his physio. He's been fine using the balance board and the controller for some of the games i.e sports resort but he wants to get some different games. I looked in town and it seems that a lot of the games you need to use the controller and the numchuck (don't know if that is the right spelling !!!) obviously he can't use both together. After all that the question is what games apart from sports games can any one recommend that can be played with just one controller? I know he likes platform games?
  4. http://buildingwhat.org/buildingwhat-tv-ad/ Anyone viewed the tv ad going out today until November 10th in New York?
  5. my mum grew up on the woodthorpe (Margaret Burgin) they moved on there after the slum clearance and i still have family on there, i have great memories of visiting my grandma who lived just down the road from the High Noon, I used to run up the road from my Grandma's onto the wall of the pub, run all the way round on the wall, jump off then cross the green to my aunt & uncle's. Happy Memories.
  6. thank you everyone..lots of good advice here, i guess it is a combination of different things, i will definatly monitor through meter readings but as the boiler really needs changing and couple of radiators are old one's, I really need to look at grants etc to update the system.
  7. I've tried warmfront and they said they couldn't give me a grant..if my son owned the house he could get one?!? i was going to try and challenge this decision
  8. i would be happy to have the heating off as i don't like it, i have an open fire in the front room as it is the only type of heat i like. My lad recieved a brain injury and it seems to have affected his internal thermostat, he has been cold throughout the summer months so obviously worried about the winter. Yes warm clothes are sensible, something we easily forget these days and I am busy puttting up the door curtains etc ( I live in a big old house)
  9. someone said that if you have it on lower but on all the time then this is cheaper than timing it to turn on and off..i have been doing this but i am nervous of the next bill just in case it was the wrong advice
  10. I need to keep my heating on all day and night for my son who is disabled due to a recent accident..i am on carers allowance so my total income is just £90 per week so very very worried about the cost of heating this year especially if it is going to be as cold as forcast. The question is.. if i turn off the radiators that are not esential for my sons warmth i.e my bedroom, spare bedroom and just run the one's that keep him warm i.e bathroom, his room and dining room etc will this help reduce my fuel bill?
  11. Sale Amount N/A Reason for Rehome / Sale . Chronic Allergy Time Scale – How Urgent? Urgent Has the Cat ever been in Rescue No Location S6 Age & Sex 7 year old male Vaccinated & Wormed Yes Neutered & Micro chipped Neutered. Not Chipped Breed/ Mix Mixed Colour/markings Black Long/Shorthaired Short Live in / Or in and out In and outdoors but not a roamer. Used to a cat flap No Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals lived with another cat Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament Loving. Not a dominant cat. OK with Dogs / Cats Ok with cats, timid of dogs. Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching Yes Good or Bad with Children Good Dislike of Men or Women Neither Housetrained Yes I have always had cats but unfortunatly I have developed a chronic allergy to them over the last few years, this has now got to the point when I cannot be near my lovely Sanka. He is becoming more and more confined to certain spots in the house so I don't come into contact with any stray fur. At first it was just an odd sneeze which I could deal with but it has got to the point where my eyes are swelling and my throat is tightening and that is a bit scarey. He is such a loving cat he really deserves a better deal than he's getting!! He's happy in anybody's lap and totally faithful to the person who's lap he is laying in!
  12. After having 3 lovely well behaved children my 4th was very very difficult and i had a strong gut feeling there was a problem..my then husband blamed it on me and said i wasn't a good mother!!! i got rid of the husband!!! turned out my son had mild cerebal palsy, adhd & learning difficulties due to other problems including poor eye sight..it took 9 long years of pushing to get a full diagnosis, he is now 21 and the lovelist lad you could ever wish for..if you have a feeling there is a problem keep fighting and don't listen to anyone else (unless supportive0 and certainly not someone with level 2 child care as already said they are not dr's or psychologists. Good luck
  13. just tried this..doing this way i can input the code but the next part of the instructions say press exit (see below) 'Put in the non-accepted Simcard you wish to use and and turn it on. Type this code *#9998*3323# In some newer models you may have to use this code instead #*7337# Press Exit. You will get a new menu. Select Malloc Fail. The phone will reboot and ask for your PIN if you have one setup already. Your phone will now be unlocked and will operate with your new sim card.' i am assuming that exit is via the options menu? if so when i press the exit option then it exits!! there is no new menu as suggested in the instructions. By the way i have emailed the code provider, they have not offered a solution but are giving me a refund so
  14. you can't actually input the star's and the hash's...When i turn on the phone a box comes up that says 'network lock' when you put in the star nothing happens and when you put in the hash it assumes you have finished and says code too short?
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