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  1. one of my drivers just drove thru wicker said its absolute choc o block with people and police ... any ideas anyone ~??
  2. Express office next to amberly garage opposite police station ---------- Post added 20-11-2016 at 01:15 ---------- would we still need planning permission if we own the building out right ?
  3. Hi everyone I am looking into selling/renting some advertising space I have available but have no clue hoe to go about it !... would anyone be able to kindly point me in the right direction please ? The space is on 2 sides of a privately owned building in Attercliffe in Sheffield. Do I need permits etc .. is there companies that buy the space and do it for me I havn't a clue at all where to start and google just hasn't been much help at all Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance D x
  4. thanks guys I am definitely not planning on anything big I was thinking like skink said just small and for friends or friends of friends etc maybe people in the neighbourhood I am not doing it for the money I am doing it to help those that need it I know my cousin was looking for ages for someone to help and other than the kennels there wasn't much available ... thanks for the advice I am certainly going to look into it more x
  5. Hi everyone I recently watched my cousins dog for a fortnight whilst he went away he struggled for a while to find anywhere for him to go but didn't want him in the kennels as he couldn't bear the thought of him caged up so finally got around to asking me I was wary at first but have to admit I absolutely loved it ... I enjoyed every single minute with that beloved animal so I am now looking into starting a dog/cat sitting service and was wanting to know every ones thoughts on this ? .. I live in s13 have a pretty standard fenced off garden with no pets of my own I can devote all of my time to the animal so it wouldn't be left alone at any point ... Do you think there is a market out there ? Are there any requirements or laws against me doing this ? I love all animals big or small do you think It should just be for cats/dogs or all types of pet ? what are the average prices ? I wouldn't have more than 2 dogs/cats at a time so that I wasn't overwhelmed unless they were from the same family ... Could any please give me any other advice that you may think could be useful .... any help would be appreciated thanks Donna x
  6. whats involved ? ... could you please tell me what requirements are and what I would need to do to help ?
  7. is there any left do you know ? I would gladly come and take some x
  8. Simply because they are classed as public transport same as the buses etc .. they are there to serve the publics transport needs !
  9. I am greatly bothered by this ! since the star lifted my post word for word regarding shootings that happened where I used to live . I posted on here telling people what had happened and the star printed my post they left out my name very kindly but that caused me no end of drama i got labelled a grass and all sorts from the people that was involved obviously no one believed that I didn't give a statement to the star .. I wrote it on here sharing what happened as I know the idiots that where involved are not really clever enough to use SF and would have never known that is was me that had all the info about the matter but after the star printed my OP they came on here snooping and it isn't really hard to cypher my name from my username if you have a general idea who your looking for. They also copied a post I made not so long ago about one of our taxi drivers getting robbed in intake not mentioning my name again but printing it as tho I had spoken to them about it !! Not on journalist should get off their lazy back sides and get the stories themselves without getting others into trouble if I had wanted to make a statement to the star I would have !! ..... I know everyone tells me I shouldn't have put it on here in the 1st place if I didn't want people to know it was me but seriously they wouldn't have if the star hadn't got involved !!
  10. yes 120 is probably one the very few reliable services so you should be ok x
  11. Just thought I would let you know that the driver is bruised but otherwise fine and as of yet they have not caught anyone ! and yes this is the 2nd time the star has stolen a quote from me off of here and your right it is unusual for them to acknowledge us ! ---------- Post added 02-04-2016 at 01:09 ---------- and as for it not being the crime of the century !! ..... so that makes it ok then ... really !!
  12. Just wanted to make people aware that one of our drivers have just been called to an address on Mansfield drive at intake and was robbed and beaten at knifepoint ! It was 2 white men aged around 30 about 4.10 am if there are any witnesses or you have any information could you please contact 101 quoting ref 2903/138 Apparantly this is the 2nd time it has happened on the same road in as many weeks its just not on not only is it unsafe for our taxi drivers out there its also unfair on the residents that live there as soon no one will want to pick up on that estate anymore !
  13. oh how I loved this place my family drunk inhere for years and years I remember waiting outside on a weekend with a packet acrisp and a glass of coke waiting for them to come out .. I think it was the 1st place I had my 1st legal drink loved the place hate to go past now and see it as a premier !! anyone seen dave & ann lately once upon a time landlord & landlady does antone know how they are doing ?? sunday afternoons karoke and everyone sat outside in the summer .... oh the memories ....
  14. Anyone around S9/s2/s1/s4/s13 should try Express they have been around for years and one of the very few that wouldn't be taken in by the city bandwagon. They are only a smallish company but are friendly reliable and would be happy to set up accounts for any disabled clients just give them a call 01142430430 or 01142440440
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