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  1. No retro in the Star today. How will I cope without my weekly feed of nostalgia. Is there a reason?
  2. I think Joe Cocker sang on that same bandstand when he was Vance Arnold (circa 1965)and the Avengers. There should be a blue plaque on it.
  3. Was it called Baileys or Caddishes? The church was opened in 1969, not sure what year Colley WMC opened - 66/67?
  4. I think the first houses to be built were where the Ritz is now towards Wadsley Bridge (Southey Green Rd). But I could check this out.
  5. Dougie used to play in a group called the Four Imps. He appeared at the Astoria Attercliffe in the early sixties. I just read this in the book - Not like a proper job.
  6. p.s. Apols, It was Wayne who joined the Fire Service.
  7. Wayne and Graham both used to go to Colley Youth Club in the mid sixties. I think Graham became a fireman.
  8. And what about Stayin on that train by Tony Bluebeard? How did that not get to no1.
  9. Butlins Filey 1967 summer of love. What a week (age 17). Still remnants of Hi Di Hi, Redcoats, French Bar. Tropical Bar. woken in the morning to "Bingo I,m in love. Lots of hippies, Knock on wood on the Juke box. Oh memories. Sang "When I,m 64" in the talent contest. Backing band didnt have a clue. Didnt win.
  10. You are probably right Grandadowl. I do remember Express dairies winning. It was very competitive. I remember carrying planks with people on board. Painful on the shoulders. And climbing up and over that greasy obstacle. Very enjoyable. Good memories. Didnt Peter Price of the council organise them?
  11. Have seen it. Well done No1 best seller in Waterstones local section. Not bad.
  12. Just read the news in the Star. Nice to be a best seller. Well done. Have told Flonks. He is well by the way following 2nd op today. He is due a visit week commencing 10th June.
  13. We entered a team from Freemans mail order and I think we came second. I believe the year was 75 or 76 and it was a lovely day weather wise. Didnt they do another one the following year in Graves Park?
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