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  1. My next door neighbours father had a heart attack, they called 999, the ambulance arrived hours later.....
  2. Agreed - nor do I think they should be allowed to ride 2 and 3 abreast - bad enough to pass 1 of them never mind several
  3. Hello, Has anyone seen the Viper stall in the Sheffield Train Station this week, they are offering £10 to anyone over 17 that will have their images recorded for 15 seconds to be used in police identity parades - easiest tenner I ever made!
  4. THANK YOU soooo much Mayfly - an actual helpful response - looking into some options!
  5. I have said I wouldn't poison the animal, I know this is illegal and I have previously been a victim to this myself - I only posted this as I previously posted it on an animal noise forum and the only answers I got was 'poison them' - which is why I was looking to approach a wider, less cruel audience
  6. I need help people - my next door neighbours have cats, which they let out at night and leave outside all night, then at around 4:30am the cat wishes to come back in so it sits at the front door making the most awful crying howling weird noise This has left me awake most mornings for the last 3-4 months now - I cannot bring the cat in as I am allergic, and I am not willing to put poison down because that's cruel Is this something the environmental health could deal with? My neighbours are not very approachable so I don't really want to go round- but I need some sleep!!! :confused:
  7. The venue is a village hall. It has a kitchen. Tables and chairs are provided. I would need cutlery/crockery/glassware providing. I am open to the meal being any type of food. I was hoping for a sit down meal and an evening buffet but suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  8. Hello, Is anyone a wedding caterer or can suggest a wedding caterer that would work on New Years Eve 2015 I am struggling to find any one because of the dates. We would be wanting a 3 course meal served around 5pm for around 100 people and a buffet for around 70 - this can be placed out at any time during the day as long as its covered and we are happy to uncover it on our own in the evening so there would be no reason to stay later than nessescary Thanks in advance to anyone that can help
  9. Hello Does anyone know a wedding car company that has a ford Pilot for hire or alternatively is there anyone out there with a Ford Pilot (preferably black) that they would like to drive for approx 10 mins on my wedding day. Obviously willing to pay Thanks
  10. Hello As the title says. Are dogs allowed in the peace gardens?
  11. Who attended the Bradfield Beer Festival and the camping in High Bradfield for the Tour De France??? What an AMAZING event and the weekend of a lifetime, from start to finish Massive thank you to the organisers of the camping, super helpful & friendly (especially when I lost my little girl!! ) Proud of Yorkshire :D:D:D:D:D:D
  12. I went on the Sunday as the weather was much better, loved it, the show was great. Got some beautiful bargain plants! Loved the King Edwards garden display that was super innovative, and great to see young people getting into gardening The staff were great, really helpful and bright All round an enjoyable day (even had a Pimms!) I realise this reply is too late now show is over but just wanted to share my experience
  13. I've already contacted the Star Strix and made as many people as I can aware on Facebook
  14. Just been told this horrific news from my friend. 4 dogs have died from poisoning in the past 2 weeks as a result of being walked in Stannington Park. Also in the past few months I have found 3 large Bonio biscuits in my gardens which are not from me as I do not buy Bonio. I really think some sick horrid person has it in for the animals in the area... The cat at the top of our garden returned home last week covered in Jeyes Fluid. This is evil. I hope they find the sicko that did this. Has anyone else had biscuits in their garden?
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