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  1. Its deffinatly the 20th for us.perhaps different homes have different dates..thankyou everone i will contact you.
  2. Hi, can anyone help.friday the 20:help:th of june is care home open day.i had booked a vera lynn tribute act who has unfortunatly let me down.if you can help or know someone who can do us a show at 2pm we would be very gratefull.thankyou.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good mobile dog groomer in S26 please:help:
  4. Hi yes the number is 01142540608..ask me..dawn cheers!!!
  5. swallownest care home, chesterfield road, swallownest will be holding a evening of clairvoyance on Friday the 20th September £5 per ticket Sue Bell will be our clairvoyant for the evening. Call in for more info or tickets . (sue has a web site for you to look at if interested) starts at 7.30
  6. Thank you for your suggestions. We do have other things going off, we have a show ,we have a pamper corner for the ladies, we have a reminiscence session planned, just thought a celebrity might attract more people to come to our home for a coffee and a chat.
  7. it is a care home ,the 21st of june is care home uk open day where people get the chance to come into our homes and see for themselves what its like in a care home, probably not what people expect, our home is a happy,clean and safe place to live,the chuckle brothers would have been good fun,
  8. Hi i'm having a open day at my work place and i'm trying to think of someone who i could ask to attend to make it a bit more of a special day,have been trying to get the chuckle brothers but im having no luck, a celebrity or a well known person, i just cant think of who I could ask..ideas would be very much appreciated, thanx
  9. hi can anyone recommend a good conveyancer...its just for selling a bungalow but not buying
  10. Hello can anyone recomend someone to draw up plans for an extension on the side of my house thankyou
  11. Anyone know if a o2 dongle will be ok in the hallamshire hospital...no used one before and have just bought one to take in hospital with me..wondered what the internet connection will be like
  12. Hi any idea where i wud get a motherboard for my acer aspire 5130 laptop.
  13. My daughter has broke 2 keypad buttons off her lap top.her lap top is a acer and is only 1 year old but I hope it isnt going to be too expesive to repair.anyone know where i could take it and how much it is likely to cost
  14. I Currently work as a fund raiser for a care centre for the elderely.The residents love a game of bingo but due to bad eyesight and loss of hearing it is very difficult.Anyone know how I might go about getting an electronic one donated.It would make such a big differance.
  15. Can anyone recomend somewhere for me,my husband & 11 year old daughter to go just 4 a night & a couple of days over easter.Dont want to travel too far but we seem to have just about been everywhere and wanted to go somewhere different.:
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