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  1. Those roadworks make that roundabout very difficult and dangerous.
  2. I’ll try again. My last answer was wiped out by some over zealous moderation. How does the great fire of Dronfield sound? http://www.dwssc.co.uk/the-great-fire-of-dronfield/
  3. Where’s the fun in that? You are supposed to go in for a Billy bookcase and come out with a frying pan, a three foot felt snake and a Death Star light.
  4. Blackburn went down with 51 points last season. So, United are 60% of the way to safety
  5. I would. He can’t play every match. Bringing Hooper on after an hour would be brilliant:)
  6. Loftus Road is always a difficult place to go. A very compact ground which gives plenty of home advantage. They have some decent players too. Not enough to stop the Blades juggernaut though. Blades by a goal.
  7. I expect changes tonight. A different pair of strikers and at least two changes in midfield. I’d like to see Rhodes and Lucas start and possibly Butterfield too. Owls to win 2-1. Lowest crowd of the season 24k. .
  8. The flag with his face on was done by a group of fans, not by him. Just like all the other flags on the crows nest.
  9. Why didn’t you use the Q park? Free for 30 mins, isn’t it
  10. Sheffield Law Courts will deal with Probate. http://www.probateforms.info/probate-sub-registries/
  11. Hooray for the kids/ Boo for the kids. Delete as appropriate
  12. It is at West Bar Law Courts. I hand delivered my stuff and they processed it really quickly.
  13. Hirst won’t help you lot to qualify for the Champions League. Let him go to a lower prem club instead
  14. I’m just watching on Sky and United are wearing Team Toby shirts. I knew that the Leeds players were donating their wages to him. Are United doing the same thing? If so, that’s a brilliant gesture by them.
  15. No mention of marrows, I notice. He’d get a three day ban from here for saying that:D
  16. The last time I saw Jared was at the Dore show. He was judging the best marrow and the loveliest Victoria Sponge. Maybe he’s mellowed
  17. Whilst I’m not keen on being dazzled, it is preferable to encountering an unlit cyclist.
  18. My mistake. I thought there was a serious misdemeanour clause in there. I wonder what his chances are of being suspended from the house.
  19. That’s not true. The voters of Sheffield Hallam have the power to recall him. I’d expect them to do just that
  20. It will be their downfall, as they also played last night. Two games in two days is a big ask. United don’t have anything to fear. If they are to do the league, cup and Nobel Peace Prize treble, this is a game that they have to win. Sam Saiz is a handy player though and he could have a big say in the outcome of the game.
  21. No, Hackey. You started this thread as a hypocritical thread based on faux outrage. None of the things that Jared said back in the dark ages are things that offend you. Indeed, you've said a few similar things yourself over the years. You are just digging dirt. I'm pretty sure that there are many people who are genuinely outraged by his comments. You're not one of them though, you are just a stirrer.
  22. I asked him that a while ago. I'm very interested in his answer, as the South Stand is my natural habitat and I know quite a few of the box holders. A box number would help me to give credence to his claim. Even a vague position in the South would do. Hirsty hasnt been in a box for some time, to my knowledge. I do know that he was sitting on the South for the derby because I spoke to him
  23. The hypocrisy of which people? No one had mentioned it until you started the thread. Maybe that's you being a hypocrite as it is the sort of stuff that you'd usually defend:rolleyes:
  24. I'll defend him a bit. The comments are from 14 years ago, people change, often for the better as they get older and wiser. That said, they aren't particularly nice comments and he does need to demonstrate very clearly that he has matured and no longer associates himself with such opinions. He also needs disciplining by the party. He's done a lot of good stuff too though, so steady with that pitchfork.
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