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  1. Most of the people I spoke to whilst I was queuing up had problems that could have been dealt with in local services if they existed. I needed stitches, the NGH was the only place capable. It’s a barmy situation, but the A and E problem isn’t caused by Covid. It could easily be overwhelmed by it though.
  2. Just another arm of the MSM. You need to get your news from YouTube videos. Much more reliable.
  3. Funnily enough , I spent a couple of days in A and E at the NGH last week. I’m fine now, BTW. Everyone was wearing face coverings, that’s everyone. Everyone was social distancing in the queue and waiting room. There was a massive wait to get in. And a longer one to get seen. Add on Covid admissions to that and we will have a real problem.
  4. Do you wear your mask in shops? On public transport?
  5. I know you have difficulty distinguishing fact from opinion, but your claim about the PCR test is quite simply untrue. Demonstrably so. Like most of your claims. I spend plenty of time in public buildings. What I mostly see is people being respectful to each other, wearing face coverings and getting on with stuff. Most people don’t flounce about public health measures. Most people don’t place others at risk through their own Ignorance (sorry, I should say “opinion ). I’m very glad that I live amongst people who mostly look out for each other. I guess there will always be those who don’t care, but hey.
  6. Well, partly because we have so many people waiting for jab two. Partly because we don’t know how the new variant is going to translate into serious illness. And partly because we have around 10% of the public being nobs and refusing to follow public health advice. It’ll be done soon though. Just wait, see and keep your chin up.
  7. I think we are near the end Maka. I hope so anyway. Viral pandemics usually last a couple of years. That’s their natural span. We are down to vaccinating 18+ year olds here. So, soon we’ll have everyone sensible covered. The anti vaxxers can take their chance IMO. So we should be ok in the U.K. It might take longer to free up foreign travel, but stay optimistic.
  8. I don’t think you are lying. I know you are lying. Shall we start with the lie about PCR tests not distinguishing between Covid and Flu? Because that’s really not true. I know a few other things about your personality too, but hey. Have a great weekend and ensure that it doesn’t get ruined by having to be considerate of others.
  9. That’s the worlds worst Haiku. You've been lying your backside off for two days, and now you want us to take you seriously. I think we are well past that. Keep posting Top. Every crazy utterance will convince a vaccine/ virus sceptic that they don’t want to be on your side. I can’t see anyone being convinced by your ridiculous posts and your constantly shifting positions. Or, just join the team and fight this thing. Your call.
  10. No. Its the fact that you’ve told a stream of ridiculous lies on this thread. I’ve no idea why you’ve thought that such clumsy lying was a good idea, Equally, I’ve no idea why people would resist actions designed to ease restrictions, then moan when the restrictions aren’t eased. Its your fault. They have a lovely putting green in the park.
  11. Nothing that you told me would blow my mind. You’ve made so much stuff up on this thread, that I default to not believing a word you say.
  12. That’s the intention. There were 18000 largely unmasked people at Edgbaston today. All had a negative LF test. All will be taking a PCR in five days. All part of trial to reopen without causing a new surge. These things need care, attention and research. Not gut feel and some “common sense” from a graduate of the University of Life. Getting back to near normal would be easier if everyone was playing on the same team though. The guidance is here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/actions-for-schools-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/schools-coronavirus-covid-19-operational-guidance#facecoverings Enjoy.
  13. There are ten special schools in Sheffield, Hackey. Some use the term, some don’t. What they all have in common is a responsibility to their staff and students. In terms of Covid, the DfE have published detailed guidance. This includes requiring visitors to wear masks on corridors and in settings where social distancing isn’t possible. Any Head not following that guidance would be very foolish.
  14. I can’t believe that anyone would argue that Jim Davidson isn’t racist. More duck quacking: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/jim-davidson-racist-youtube-rant-diversity-black-lives-matter-coronavirus-b450902.html%3famp
  15. There was also the time that he was investigated for racially abusing a rail employee. Plus everything he’s written on Twitter If it quacks like a duck…
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