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  1. If we believed everything you say, bursitis and myocarditis would be fatal diseases. Anal fissures would be widespread and we'd all be preparing for the great reset. You have a history of lying and exaggerating. For someone who accuses people of being "the gullible", you are rather easily led.
  2. Why, have they gone away? Fruit Salad and Black Jacks Chews 1 Kilo Bag https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0047075KM/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_M1T396J5B7YC3MKZ7WDW Reincarnation is a funny old thing.
  3. Just to be clear. I'm not in favour of forced/coerced vaccination, vaccine passports or any of those things. I do wonder why people would turn down a safe and effective treatment simply because some anti-scientists are good with social media. But enough of us have done enough to render the unvaccinated rump irrelevant. That's a shameful thing to say.
  4. You and I don't agree on much, but on this, I'm with you 100%. Anyone in doubt about it just needs to look at the stats on infections/ hospitalisations/ deaths through the pandemic. Pick any country. It is clear as day that the vaccines broke that link. The vaccine developers are heroes and geniuses
  5. The absolute state of this thread. Just about to get out of restrictions. All because of successful vaccine development and a stunningly brilliant vaccination campaign. Yet we still have the anti-sciencers DKing about in their rather odd way. Not many brain cells to rub together, but I guess they are happy that they've out thought the finest minds on the planet. Twas ever thus. Good to see you developing some self awareness
  6. Good work. The truth needs to be seen.
  7. Like it, or not, the vaccines are the things that have allowed us to return to normal. You and your misguided, refusenik buddies, owe the rest of us a debt of gratitude.
  8. No. The questions I have to ask are all up there.^^^. You've failed to answer any of them. Sadly, your lack of understanding is something that the rest of us all have to live with. Do yourself a favour and go get that booster.
  9. But you said they were out protesting. And you'd seen it on Twitter. To be honest, you aren't coming across as a credible witness. Maybe get some sleep and check through your posts in the morning. Good night fella.
  10. Can't find it. Probably because its all in your head
  11. Stan. The idea is that you read stuff that others write and answer it. If you can't do that I'm out
  12. So they weren't out protesting this weekend. And I doubt that 100k will be out next weekend I've seen that. One man arguing with him. That's all. Now, the 100k protesters this weekend. Tell us more. And boosters only lasting a month. Where is that from?
  13. Let's face it Stan. You've wandered into this thread. Made some stuff up. Got challenged and now you don't like it. That's fine when you are making stuff up about Wednesday, but people read this and believe stuff. You've just made a whole lot of lies up about something related to life or death. You shouldn't do that. Now. Do you have any evidence for your ridiculous claims?
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