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  1. You wouldn’t. But then again, counting is clearly not a strong point for you.
  2. They also looked like they were a football team with a clue.
  3. Looks like a lovely place. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/bitchute-far-right-youtube-neo-nazi-terrorism-videos-a9632981.html%3famp Quite a sewer to be grubbing around in.
  4. I’m sure it does. I’m just questioning how such an insignificant thing ends up on Sheffield Forum. The only conclusion is that the conspiracy theorists are engaging in a conspiracy to distribute irrelevant nonsense to try to support their claims. I’m particularly interested in who is driving the campaign. Because it isn’t Brenda from Twitter.
  5. It’s amazing how some people choose to fill their empty lives. However, I’m guessing that Tops got it from a conspiracy website where it would have been posted by someone with a void between their ears. Or a Russian/Chinese agent.
  6. The ones that you posted a picture of have a Use By date on them. In case of doubt, that’s the date that they should be used by. The rest of your post is even less accurate and appallingly rude.
  7. The Grocer reflects the entire country. Here’s a recent article published by them. https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/convenience/brexit-will-have-bigger-impact-than-covid-on-food-and-drink-justin-king/659852.article
  8. I think that the clique only exists in West77’s brain. Number of cells not specified. If he does, it will be his first one ever.
  9. Just as long as you are happy with food shortages in U.K. supermarkets.
  10. I was in the Abbeydale Road Tesco a couple of weeks ago. No milk. A whole wall of milkless shelves. Not even a pint of expensive gold top. Sainsburys had hardly any the other day, and very little bread. It happens. It’s happening more. It’s going to happen even more. Hurrah for Brexit.
  11. That’s the way it is now folks. From the mouth of an Brexit extremist .
  12. Is that a euphemism? 😀 I thought it was a fine answer.
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